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NOTH­ING BEATS A V8 un­less of course it’s a V12. That’s right the Lin­clon Ze­phyr has a 267 ci V12 push­ing it along and of the three bod­ies of­fered by Henry’s men, the three-win­dow coupe is the rarest and most de­sir­able thanks to its unique f low­ing lines, low-raked wind­screen and in­te­grated guards.

The Lin­coln Ze­phyr is cred­ited as be­ing the first stream­lined yank tank due to its front end ref lect­ing the look of the speed­boats of the day and was the model that reignited Lin­coln sales in the US. This one has been fully re­stored and is a stun­ning ex­am­ple with its dash, head­lin­ing, up­hol­stery all in good nick.

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