Last and far from least is an early Subaru Im­preza WRX. For a gen­er­a­tion the favoured get-away car for the un­der­world it re­ally helped set up a whole new sub-class of per­for­mance car both here and world­wide. Half of them have prob­a­bly ended up in trees or at the wreck­ers. Though of­fer­ing huge bang for your buck, they’re run­ning a com­plex drive train which can’t be cheap to re­build and that would have killed off a few well-worn ex­am­ples. The holy grail would be the first STi, though I sus­pect we’re talk­ing mega-bucks. Nope, any­thing in good nick across the GC8B or C range would be fine and, some­how, the quirky hatch­back vari­ant has ap­peal. Find­ing an un­mo­lested ver­sion could take a whole lot of time and pa­tience, and I wouldn’t be at all sur­prised if we were talk­ing mid-twen­ties in ex­change for the keys.

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