This is tough. In re­al­ity there are prob­a­bly at least half a dozen iconic Ja­pa­nese cars I’d have in my shed to­mor­row, given a mod­est fund­ing boost. And no, I’m not talk­ing stuff that is made of un­ob­ta­nium, like the Mazda Cos­mos and (in­creas­ingly) first-gen Honda NSXs of this world.

Any­thing with a strong mo­tor­cy­cle con­nec­tion al­ways gets my at­ten­tion – you only have to look in my shed to see why – so a Honda S2000 gets an in­stant vote. I know they tend to be a high-step­ping pow­er­plant that doesn’t al­ways win fans, but for some­one used to 10,000-plus red­lines, that’s not a neg­a­tive. Quite the op­po­site. And I just like the over­all pack­ag­ing of the things – early MX-5 with just a hint of roid rage. How much? Ev­ery­one seems to have their pet the­ory on what a good one is worth. How­ever some­where around $20-30k would pull it up.

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