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BODY Mod­er­ate rust is in­evitable, al­though chas­sis, fire­wall and other struc­tural ar­eas should be sound. Mi­nor body dam­age is com­mon. Paint likely to be faded, with un­even colour. Body filler usu­ally found in pan­els but un­ac­cept­able in struc­tural ar­eas. Bright­work should be ba­si­cally com­plete and ma­jor com­po­nents like the grille must be fit­ted. Rechroming or pol­ish­ing of most parts will be re­quired.

IN­TE­RIOR Seats need to be struc­turally sound but will nor­mally need re-cov­er­ing. Floor cov­er­ings likely to be dam­aged or miss­ing. Door trims should be fit­ted but may need re­place­ment. Vinyl dash­board tops usu­ally cracked or warped.

EN­GINE BAY The en­gine should run but work will be needed, with the en­gine bay likely to be dirty and oil stained. Hoses and fuel lines may need re­place­ment for the ve­hi­cle to be re­li­able.

UNDERBODY Will show signs of ne­glect and dam­age (dents, stone dam­age, etc) but should be free of ma­jor rust. Chas­sis and struc­tural mem­bers need to be straight. Sus­pen­sion com­po­nents and ex­haust sys­tems will usu­ally need re­place­ment.

WHEELS & TYRES Wheels should be free of ma­jor dam­age, but tyres will nor­mally need re­place­ment.

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