Datsun 120Y/ 180B/ 200B/ 280C-300C

Unique Cars - - 2018 -

Datsun filled the 1970s with a pro­fu­sion of mod­els that were more in­ter­est­ing than sim­i­lar de­signs from Toy­ota and cheaper than those made by Mazda. The 180B added some weight but is more hab­it­able than the 1600. Just why they and four­door ver­sions of the 200B re­main so cheap in the cur­rent mar­ket is per­plex­ing. SSS Hard­top ver­sions of the 180B and 200B can make $15,000. The 120Y suf­fered deri­sion when new but lots have sur­vived and ex­cel­lent four-doors make $5000 with coupes at $6000-8000. Up the big­ger end of the mar­ket 280C sedans and es­pe­cially the rare hard­top have be­gun bring­ing in­creased money and are worth watch­ing.

120Y $4610 [9] 120Y Coupe $5255 [11] 180B $5115 [10] 200B $4255 [8] 180/200B SSS $12,600 [5] 280/300C $10,295 [10]

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