Mazda MX5 1989-2006

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The world’s best-sell­ing sports car is about to turn 30 and early ones show signs of be­com­ing col­lectible. Val­ues for pre-1992 mod­els are up on av­er­age by 40 per­cent on 2013 lev­els and buyers seem pre­pared to pay at least $10,000 to se­cure very good sur­vivors. 1991-93 Lim­ited ver­sions in the re­cent mar­ket were dis­ap­point­ing but a small sam­ple won’t be help­ing. From then on, val­ues de­pend more on con­di­tion than age and 1994-2002 mod­els gen­er­ally cost $7500-10,000. Col­lec­tors are ab­sent from this end of the mar­ket but NB and NC se­ries cars of­fer fun trans­port for $10-15,000. The last of the NB cars could be spec­i­fied with tur­bocharged en­gines and some of these will bet­ter $20,000.

MX5 1989-91 $9185 [37] MX5 Lim­ited $7690 [4] MX5 1993-96 $9500 [13] MX5 1997-99 $7700 [12] MX5 2000-02 $9930 [36] MX5 2003-06 $14,115 [29] MX5 Turbo $20,060 [19]

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