Subaru 1982-2003

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If you have a lim­ited bud­get and want an in­ter­est­ing hobby car then Subaru has some­thing to suit al­most ev­ery­one. At the bot­tom of the price pile sit early 4WD wag­ons, Brumby utes and 1980s L Se­ries sedans. For less than $10,000 you might even find a rally-spec RX Turbo 4WD or scarce turbo Vor­tex. Move to the 1990s and there are Lib­erty (Aus­tralian de­liv­ered) and Legacy (pri­vate im­port) sedans and wag­ons with all-wheel drive and turbo en­gines. For around the same money also con­sider the bet­ter-equipped Lib­erty B4. For lovers of heroic fail­ures, what about an SVX? A few of Subaru’s odd-look­ing flat-six coupe re­main avail­able; $80,000 when new but now sell­ing at around a tenth of that price.

Lib­erty RS $5290 [12] Legacy GT/GTB $4965 [6] Lib­erty B4 $5545 [20] SVX $7970 [5] L Se­ries 1983-92 $3300 [14] Brumby 1986-94 $3680 [31]

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