Subaru WRX/ STI/ Lib­erty GT 2003-08

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Subaru for 2003 re­turned to a con­ven­tional WRX frontal de­sign but by then the model’s ‘wild child’ rep­u­ta­tion had al­most been ex­tin­guished. Facelift mod­els sold from 2003-06 are eas­ily found and val­ues are hold­ing up bet­ter than might be ex­pected. The STI by 2003 was avail­able only as a four-door with 195kW and any pre­tence to ex­clu­siv­ity was gone. Some buyers opted in­stead for the Lib­erty GT which of­fered more space and sim­i­lar per­for­mance to a WRX. Used GTs are to­day a lit­tle cheaper than a ‘Rex’ but look out as a fu­ture col­lectible for the lim­ited-edi­tion ‘Tuned By STI’ ver­sion at un­der $20,000.

WRX 2003-05 $12,115 [37] WRX 2006-08 $12,995 [48] WRX STI 2003-05 $16,660 [17] WRX STI 2006-08 $25,700 [19] Lib­erty GT Turbo 2004-07 $9035 [32] Lib­erty GT by STI 2007-08 $18,095 [12]

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