Toy­ota Supra 1983-2000


These ‘Cel­i­cas on steroids’ dis­ap­peared in 1999 how­ever a brand new Supra is re­ported to be com­ing. Supras were sold new in Aus­tralia only un­til 1993 when a com­pletely new de­sign ap­peared and was deemed unsuited to our mar­ket. Early 2.8-litre and 3.0-litre MA70 turbo cars from the late-1980s sell in ex­cel­lent or­der at $16-20,000. Non-turbo ver­sions are gen­er­ally cheaper than sin­gle tur­bos and that holds good as well for the 1994-99 RZ/SZ se­ries. Non-turbo SZs are pop­u­lar with ‘P’ plate driv­ers but even with 164kW they don’t come close to match­ing the twin-turbo RZ. These have a no­tional 206kW but most go close to 280kW. Ask­ing prices for late-1990s ver­sions have in­creased quite markedly how­ever pre-1996 mod­els still do the job at un­der $35,000.

Supra 2.8 $13,690 [4] Supra Turbo 1986-92 $14,230 [8] Supra SZ 1993-96 $15,290 [25] Supra RZ T/Turbo 1993-95 $28,835 [12] Supra RZ T/Turbo 1996-99 $47,915 [12]

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