Toy­ota MR2/ MR-S/ Sera 1986-2002


Early AW11 MR2s were a chal­lenge to drive quickly and that might ac­count for low sur­vival rates. What­ever the rea­son, these im­por­tant cars need to be pre­served and cur­rent val­ues aren’t of­fer­ing own­ers much en­cour­age­ment. US buyers could add a su­per­charger but even these only sit at around A$16,000. More com­mon here and cheaper again are lo­cal-de­liv­ery SW20s with­out tur­bocharg­ers which are worth $6000-8000. Ask­ing prices for ‘grey’ im­port 2.0 Tur­bos are $12-15,000 but there are a lot about. Later, lo­cal mod­els like the non-turbo GT and ‘Bathurst’ are sim­i­larly priced but sur­vivors are scarce. The fi­nal-is­sue MR-S was a com­plete de­par­ture from the orig­i­nal MR-2 con­cept and al­though these cars sur­vive in de­cent num­bers, in­ter­est seems min­i­mal.

MR2 1986-89 $12,675 [4] MR2 1990-96 $6655 [12] MR2 Turbo 1990-95 $12,140 [17] MR2 GT/Bathurst $12,490 [5] MR-S 1998-02 $12,350 [22]

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