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Too right about ‘t he cur­rent batch of self-right­eous douchebags’ and their ig­no­rance about clas­sic-car own­ers and t heir love of a ll cars, pre or post 2002: The love and pas­sion that ta kes us out on t he road, early some week­ends to avoid the once-a-week drivers wrapped in the co­coon of t heir late model cars wit h a ll t he safet y fea­tures t hat a llow t hem to drive like nuph-nuphs let out of k in­der­garten for t he week­end.

What these so ca lled ex­perts fail to see and un­der­stand, is t he pas­sion­ate re­spect we have for our cars, t hose who ride with us and the ob­ser vance we have for the road rules. That is what road safet y is about: It’s ca lled be­ing ac­count­able, act­ing re­spon­si­bilit y, us­ing com­mon sense and giv ing re­spect to ot her road users. We don’t look to the nanny state to look af ter us by mak­ing need­less dumb rules and reg ula­tions t hat cause ot hers t he loss of free­dom and en­joy ment.

As a lways, keep up the great work. Mike O’Neill, Email.

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