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Just read­ing t he lat­est edi­tion of Unique Cars and the sub­ject of mo­tors be­ing f lung into ot her jobs got me think­ing about the many diesel Holden Gemini

mo­tors I have sold over the years (hav ing wrecked or driven over 700 !).

Of the 40 odd diesel mo­tors t hat went on to live, only one ever made it back into a Gemini. The rest went into prov id­ing power for a sawmill blade, a boat, WW2 replica Jeeps, a Bob­cat and a fork lif t. Si x went to an en­ter­pris­ing young bloke who used them to power a vac­uum to suck out in­su­la­tion from roof cav ities and blow new stuff back in. He had a rig made so as the mo­tors de­ceased they could be changed quick ly.

And last ly, quite a few made t heir way into leaf­sprung Suzuki Sier­ras which were a ver y good f it be­ing a rel­a­tively compact unit and cheap – a lthough ver y un­der­pow­ered. One time, a mate rocked up in a Sierra wit h t he con­ver­sion done but need­ing a new mo­tor. Pop­ping the bon­net re­vea led a JDM-spec tur­bod­iesel Gemini mo­tor which then sparked a quest to dis­cover what Oz rea lly missed out on Gemini-wise. Turns out there was an auto, turbo-diesel Gemini with cr uise-con­trol, elect ric sun­roof and other good stuf f. But t hat’s a stor y for an­other time! Cheers. Elky, Email

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