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have no­ticed we don’t do a whole lot with new cars in this mag, and even then it tends to be a quick spin that draws a line to its his­toric pre­de­ces­sors. Re­ally, I get plenty of en­ter­tain­ment driv­ing old toys and the new stuff is oc­ca­sional ic­ing on the cake.

Sure, when the new Mus­tang fi­nally ar­rived, there was a bit of a queue for the keys, but other­wise 90 per cent of what hits the show­room has us stif ling yawns.

There are ex­cep­tions. Mark ‘Higgo’ Hig­gins re­cently snatched the re­mote (what­ever hap­pened to keys?) to an F-Type Jag, the SVR ver­sion. Very nice. About the same amount of al­cantra in­side as my f lash-as-a-rat-with-a-gold­tooth Kingswood, and a lit­tle less leather.

How­ever the Kingswood doesn’t have an adjustable car­bon fi­bre spoiler, or enough horse­power to tow Par­lia­ment House into the ocean. The Jag does. Holy f lap­ping con­rods, Bat­man, does it get your at­ten­tion when you plant the right foot!

With the sus­pi­cion that it was prob­a­bly worth a dol­lar or two, I made room un­der a car­port and even put a cover over it. You see we have cats with muddy paws, who like to tap-dance across any au­to­mo­bile we’re silly enough to leave within reach. There’s only so many times a week you can wash a car and still en­joy the process…

So there I was, pon­der­ing the now-cov­ered Jag, ca­su­ally won­der­ing what it was worth. Over $350k ap­par­ently – more than enough to make you choke on your claret. Jeezuz H Ker­rist! That’s by far the most ex­pen­sive cat tram­po­line we’ve ever had at Chateau De­spair. All of a sud­den I was look­ing for­ward to giv­ing it back, so some­one else could take re­spon­si­bil­ity for the mon­ster.

Higgo will give you the full ver­sion of the stor y next ish, but I have noth­ing against uber-ex­pen­sive cars. If you can af­ford one, go nuts.

This is where hav­ing re­sources makes all the dif­fer­ence. If you had the cash, you would no doubt en­joy the thing im­mensely, and it would be in­ter­est­ing to see where it sits in the mar­ket com­pared to some­thing like an E-type when they were new. At the mo­ment, the price of an F-type SVR would buy a cou­ple of very nice E-types.

How­ever that’s all a bit rich for Mug­gins. I’ve been pon­der­ing Jag own­er­ship for a while and have been tempted of­ten by as­sorted ver­sions of the XJ-S, the prices of which seem to be climb­ing steadily north, in the wake of ris­ing E-type val­ues.

You know what? I’m start­ing to think a de­cent XK8, like the one pic­tured, which you can get for mid thir­ties through to early for­ties. That would be more than enough to keep me sat­is­fied, and the cats could tap-dance on it to their lit­tle hearts’ con­tent…

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