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We owe a debt of grat­i­tude to the muck-en­crusted ver­min who steal cars, and then by dint of cun­ning and black of night, set fire to them as a means of at­tain­ing em­pow­er­ment. Tribal shenani­gans are such fun. And noth­ing com­ple­ments a pleas­ant vista like a charred wreck.

I found what I think is this Nis­san crew-cab ute on the Putty Road between Sin­gle­ton and Sy­der­ney. The Putty Road used to be in­fa­mous for truck fa­tal­i­ties, just about once a week when I was a trans­port journo. Now it’s in­fa­mous for mo­tor­cy­cle fa­tal­i­ties, so only the names and the speeds reached at apogee have changed.

The ute was de­liv­ered to the top of a hill over­look­ing the Putty and sub­jected to a thor­ough rat­ting. The only part I recog­nised was the Dell com­puter in the back seat. Also present was an omi­nous look­ing pack­age, wrapped in an­i­mal skin, tied with rope and placed on the chas­sis for us to pon­der. Af­ter rat­ting, the ve­hi­cle was sub­jected to heat of such in­ten­sity that it cre­ated the per­fect bill­board for graf­fi­tists, as some­one smarter than me has al­ready pointed out, those among us who pos­sess a lim­ited vo­cab­u­lary but find it suf­fi­cient to ex­press their range of ideas.

I took pic­tures but re­fused to prod the omi­nous pack­age down the back.

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