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With your mail­bag sec­tion you say “Sock it to us”, so here goes.

Firstly, let me say I love your mag­a­zine and have bought vir­tu­ally ev­ery is­sue since the f irst.

Your ar­ti­cle on the Monaro’s 50th was gen­er­ally an en­joy­able read but my blood boiled when, once again, I read about how the HG350 had softer sus­pen­sion that the HT350 and was slower – you are yet an­other mag­a­zine per­pet­u­at­ing this myth!

While the rest of the HG Monaro range DID have softer set­tings than the (main) HT Monaro range, the 350 in both HT and HG had iden­ti­cal sus­pen­sion. Not only that, but when the orig­i­nal sup­ply of 350 en­gines ran out in the HG, the re­place­ment that GM-H sourced was more pow­er­ful (although ad­ver­tised horse­power re­mained the same). So, the last of the HG350s (No­vem­ber ‘70 build) were the fastest of all the orig­i­nal Monaro se­ries. As for a stan­dard XU-1 be­ing quicker than a stan­dard HT or HG350, that is also so wrong, While an XU-1 might be quicker around a race track, in a straight line drag, an HT or HG350 man­ual is quicker.

I know you quoted Norm Dar­win’s book for a lot of your ar­ti­cle but there are er­rors and mis­lead­ing in­for­ma­tion in that too. For in­stance, the ac­cel­er­a­tion time of 0-50 for the 350 Monaro he quotes (and you re­pro­duced) from the July ’70 is­sue of Wheels mag­a­zine is for an au­to­matic 350 which has the 275bhp en­gine. Not only that, but Norm states that it’s an HG when, in fact, it’s an HT!

I don’t sup­pose you will ever print this but I had to get it off my chest. I just get so an­gry when these same old in­cor­rect ‘facts’ get re­hashed over and over again. I think about newer, younger en­thu­si­asts who read this stuff and be­lieve it to be true. I am so pas­sion­ate about the HK to HG se­ries of Monaros – ev­ery true en­thu­si­ast de­serves to know the truth about them.

Glenn Flinken­berg

ED: Ouch! Cool your jets there, Glenn, and thanks for pick­ing us up on that. It high­lights just how dif­fi­cult it can some­times be to un­tan­gle the de­tail from a dis­tance of half a cen­tury. Any­way, you’ve given us good rea­son to go back and cor­rect our dig­i­tal files. Much ap­pre­ci­ated.

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