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I SWEAR, I didn’t set out to buy a VN SS. Like a lot of peo­ple I was of the opin­ion that the VN was a flawed de­sign. I guess it still is, but in an age where cars phys­i­cally steer you between the white lines, tell you how far back to stay from the car in front and car-mak­ers tell you CVT trans­mis­sions are good for you, the VN in SS form is a breath of fresh, ana­logue air. And then I tripped over the ad­vert for this one and couldn’t re­sists a look-see. Nat­u­rally, I bought it. Mine’s done about 103,000km from new and it’s a man­ual, so I guess that makes it spe­cial in and of it­self. But that didn’t stop me mod­i­fy­ing a few bits and pieces and adding some oth­ers. Orig­i­nal­ity is over-rated some­times.

I had to re­place all the bushes and the fuel pump, which is par for the course for these things, but it never fails to make me gig­gle when I plant the boot and that old Iron lion gets out of bed. And our bond was com­pleted a year or so ago when a ga­loot in a mo­bile-chi­cane peo­ple­mover sped up as I was over­tak­ing him. I dropped a cog and booted the SS out of his way just as a stick­ered-up Land Cruiser came over the hill. I still don’t know if it was a po­lice car, but I never saw it again. That’s love, right there.


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