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You might have heard me bang­ing on about the 220kW ver­sion of the Ford Wind­sor V8 in the TS50 back around the turn of the cen­tury. These were a se­ri­ously sweet lit­tle V8 and one to col­lect if you’re that way in­clined. But if you’re look­ing at a 220kW TS50 and it doesn’t have the al­loy cylinder heads, don’t as­sume it’s a ringer. Ford only used the al­loy heads as a stop-gap un­til a lo­cally-mod­i­fied ca­st­iron head was com­pleted. And when it was, the en­gines switched to that. The later ver­sion is just as beaut… just a bit heav­ier.

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