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Imag­ine it is 1960 and one of these chunky Ger­manic four-seaters is ap­proach­ing the climb up Bulli Pass or per­haps Cun­ning­ham’s Gap. With a tiny 300cc two-stroke whirring in the back and a fam­ily of well-fed Aussies in­side how long do you reckon the climb will take – if the car makes it at all? No prizes for guess­ing then how long the G-O-G-G-O sur­vived in our mar­ket once the BMC Mini with its 850cc en­gine ar­rived. Don’t laugh too loudly though be­cause sur­viv­ing T300s now cost around the same as a de­cent Mini and top-qual­ity Dart two-seaters will gen­er­ate Cooper S money.

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