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‘Right car, wrong time’ sum­marises the fail­ure of MG’s V8-en­gined B GT to cap­ture a mar­ket which seemed to be beg­ging for a car of its kind. The hatch­back MG wasn’t a pow­er­house (102kW from the 3.5-litre Rover V8) but it would do 190km/h and had less weight up front than the ‘four’ so han­dling was undis­turbed. Most of the 2591 V8s made were sold in the UK and none came of­fi­cially to Aus­tralia. None went to the USA ei­ther, for rea­sons of in­ter­nal British Ley­land jeal­ousy or so the spec­u­la­tion goes. Prices stayed for years at $25-30,000 be­fore re­cently head­ing for $50,000.

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