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The shift ac­tion is beau­ti­ful, Fer­rari-like even, and the clutch is light and pro­gres­sive. At low speeds it’s even al­most com­fort­able.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s firm – but not bone-jar­ring. Like a Porsche.

It’s not a big car, nowhere near as long as the V12 flag­ships from Sant’Agata. But in-cabin vis­i­bil­ity isn’t the car’s strong suit, and be­lies its mod­er­ate ex­ter­nal di­men­sions.

It’s a car that gets bet­ter the faster you go. Plant your foot and the Bull charges.

The ex­haust note growls be­hind your head just af­ter 2000rpm, and ex­plodes again at four – all ten cylin­ders gasp­ing for air and singing their best tune all the way to an 8200rpm red­line.

Steer­ing is nicely weighted and the all-wheel drive has a play­ful rear-bias to it. You can get it to wig­gle its hips just enough to tan­ta­lise you, but can de­pend on Audi’s Quat­tro know-how to pull you straight.

The Gal­lardo might have been more ver­sa­tile and use­able than any Lam­borgh­ini be­fore it, but you won’t get close to out-muscling this car. It will kick and thrill you un­til its end.

Kind of like those Bulls Hem­ing­way was talk­ing about…

TOP Yel­low and black epit­o­mise the Gal­lardo’s essence.

ABOVE RIGHT In case you tire of the V10 sound­track.

ABOVE This rag­ing bull will give you more than wings.

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