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G’DAY IAN. I’ve spent a bit of time up around Moree in my time, so I know for sure that it gets mighty warm up that way.

Any­way, I got in touch with Mick who reck­ons the so­lu­tion to your prob­lem is not rocket sci­ence, but good old fash­ioned sci­ence just the same. He reck­ons your prob­lem has its root in the fact that mod­ern fu­els like the E-10 you’re us­ing have a smaller mol­e­cule than con­ven­tional old-school fu­els. Throw in the fact that E-10 has a per­cent­age of al­co­hol (ethanol) in it, and sud­denly, you’ve got a fuel that is quicker to boil, or va­por­ise, at which point your en­gine de­vel­ops a bad case of the stag­gers.

So what do you do about it? Mick tells me there are a cou­ple of week­end projects you need to carry out. The first is to change the fuel line from its cur­rent 5/16ths of an inch di­am­e­ter to a 3/8ths line. That’s not a huge jump up, but it will mean there’s more fuel in the line and that means it’ll take longer to boil. Re­mem­ber old fash­ioned elec­tric ket­tles? Fill them right up and they took for­ever to boil, but switch them on with just a cup­ful of wa­ter in them, and they’d be whistling in sec­onds. Same sci­ence.

The other thing to do is have the in­let man­i­fold ce­ramic coated which helps keep the heat out of that com­po­nent. It’s all about man­ag­ing heat and keep­ing the fuel in the line and in sus­pen­sion in the man­i­fold from va­por­is­ing. If you can’t find some­body up your way who can do ce­ramic coat­ing, hit the phone book for the big smoke; you’ll


find there are plenty of mobs who can help you out. Just prob­a­bly not on an ex­change ba­sis when it comes to a 1956 In­ter.

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