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YOU’RE RIGHT, Steve. A BA/BF au­to­matic (my pref­er­ence for tow­ing) can in­deed tug along a 2300kg braked trailer. Thing is, I don’t need that much ca­pac­ity and the 1600kg braked load the VY SS can haul should be more than enough for my needs.

Be­yond that, hav­ing owned one years ago, I was tempted by the Fal­con XR6 Turbo but I just reckon the nor­mally-as­pi­rated, big ca­pac­ity V8 is a bet­ter bet for tow­ing in a hot cli­mate. And at that point, all roads led to Holden be­cause the LS1 is a sim­pler en­gine and makes its torque in a bet­ter spot than the DOHC Ford that ar­rived with the BA. And, to be hon­est,

I just couldn’t go back to the plain-Jane Fal­con in­te­rior and the driv­ing po­si­tion that never, ever felt com­pletely `right’ to me.

Also, wreck­ing yards are full of shunted VX and VY Com­modores with per­fectly good en­gines in them for not much money (should the un­think­able hap­pen) and there’s a whole parts and tun­ing in­dus­try that’s sprung up around the LS1. Ei­ther way, though, I’d still have an Aussie car-based ute over pretty much any of the cur­rent crop of dual-cab four-wheel-drive utes, none of which, in my hum­ble opin­ion, rides prop­erly.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m not a to­tal LS1 fan­boy. Fact is, I still reckon the old Iron Lion in my VN SS has way more char­ac­ter than the LS. But you can’t ar­gue with horse­power num­bers and ef­fi­ciency.

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