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RAY, I’VE heard this one plenty of times. In fact, my own brother, a BMW fac­tory-trained tech, en­light­ened me about this many moons ago. Like your brother, he’s pos­i­tive that this re­ally is a thing. Then again, also like your brother, he’s very fond of beer. (He’s also a wild man… Wild­man, ged­dit? Never mind.)

Any­hoo, while he’s 100 per cent pos­i­tive that leav­ing a bat­tery on a con­crete floor is sign­ing

its death war­rant, he can’t tell me why. He reck­ons even sit­ting the bat­tery on a lump of tim­ber a few mil­lime­tres thick is enough to pre­vent the con­crete floor from do­ing its evil work. Thing is, he now has me so spooked about it, that I never leave bat­ter­ies sit­ting around on con­crete. Which is an­other way of say­ing I have no idea whether the the­ory is right or not. If I was pushed for an opin­ion, though, I’d say it was a load of bol­locks. But I’ve been wrong be­fore. Just ask Mrs M.

So I’ll throw it open to you lot: Any­body else ever heard of this? And, if you have, has any­body tested the the­ory? Fi­nally, if it turns out to be kosher, what weird, hippy brand of sci­ence is at work? Come on, some­body out there is go­ing to know the an­swer to this one. Share. Let­ters and post-cards to the usual ad­dress, please.

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