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had sat in a shed in Qld for 16 years; t he last ser v ice sticker on t he wind­screen was dated 2001. Usu­ally I change a ll t he f lu­ids – oils, coolant and bra ke f luid – in any clas­sic car but un­til now I’d changed only the wagon’s en­gine oil and f il­ter. This ev idence of cor­ro­sion in­side the Com­modore’s cool­ing sys­tem meant it was pos­si­bly f ull of cr ud.

I re­moved the heater de­liver y pipes from t he en­gine, poked a gar­den hose into one and turned it on… A great wad of orange cruddy muck splurged out. I swapped the gar­den hose into t he ot her heater pipe and yep, more y uk k y muck! There must have been a beer can’s worth of rust y ooze hid­den in t hat heater core !

The heater-hose in­let and out let barbs on t he front of the en­gine showed signs of cor­ro­sion that would have slowed t he f low of hot wa­ter, too. Here, ac­cess was tight but I sim­ply used a stubby screw­driver and a short bolt to scratch and poke around in­side t he out lets to un­block them.

I got my Com­modore go­ing again wit h just wa­ter in the sys­tem to check the heater’s op­er­a­tion be­fore in­sta lling new coolant hoses (and coolant) a few days later. With ever y t hing un­blocked and f lushed-out – and wit h fresh coolant for t he f irst time in pos­si­bly t wo decades – the heater now works nicely!

01 Ev­ery­thing was given a good flush with a gar­den hose 01

0303 Thumbs up, GT ticks an­other item off the To Do list.

0202 The heater out­lets were un­blocked, bush­style and now it works like a treat.

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