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Onebike is of the the hefty stand­out wheel­base, fea­tures whichof this stretches af­ford­able to 1,036mm. That adds com­fort to the ride, as well as steer­ing you into a prettty stream­lined po­si­tion. As you’d ex­pect, equip­ment is in the bud­getary stakes but does a good enough job. The flip-flop hub means you can choose be­tween fixed-gear and sin­gle­speed, al­though chang­ing the brake pads is a must. Frame Hi-ten steel / Fork Chro­moly steel / Wheels Foffa 40mm-deep V-shape rims on flip-flop rear / Trans­mis­sion 48/18 sin­gle­speed/fixed / Brakes Un­branded dual calipers www.fof­

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