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Over 376,000 bikes are stolen an­nu­ally; that equates to one ever 90secs. Now, the FX from Hi­plok will strug­gle to eat into those fig­ures on its own, but for peace of mind when nip­ping into a café or as a cheeky ad­di­tion to your main lock, it’s pretty nifty. The plas­tic housing fea­tures a plas­tic clip, for ac­ces­si­ble stowage on your ruck­sack or within a cycling t-shirt’s rear pocket, but it’s the 1m length of steel ca­ble that pro­vides the mod­icum of se­cu­rity, eas­ily stretch­ing through your frame, front wheel and im­mov­able ob­ject. An eas­ily re­set­table com­bi­na­tion lock adds fur­ther con­ve­nience, while two but­tons elicit ei­ther un­lock­ing or re­tractabil­ity. Comes in red, blue and the vivid yel­low tested.

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