Urban Cyclist - - On Test -

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Hiplok’swith a cas­ingDX com­binesthat pro­tectsa com­pacty­our bike. U-lockIt also comes with two built-in prongs that are de­signed to slip into your jeans pocket or be­hind a belt. These er­gonomic touches add a lit­tle ex­tra to what is a solid per­form­ing lit­tle lock. It’s built to last with ex­cel­lent weather pro­tec­tion, and it’s a tough cookie when it comes to saw­ing, twist­ing and grind­ing. Only a lowly per­for­mance on the ten­sile (pull) test gave any cause for con­cern, but be­ing able to with­stand 28kN is more than enough to see off most com­pact, por­ta­ble bot­tle jacks easily. The rel­a­tively shal­low shackle is bol­stered by a big 85mm width, so even with its com­pact size we were still able to safely get it through the frame and back wheel of our bike.

Easy to carry plus im­pres­sive weather pro­tec­tion

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