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一生的智慧、一生的嘔心瀝血、一生的無微不至以及一生的犧牲奉獻,百年來經久不衰的萬寶龍,結合精湛的手工技術結合獨特的設計風格向每一位偉大的父親致敬。如果細數百年歷史的品牌萬寶龍的過人之處,或許是其對每一件產品的執念與專注,講究的是精雕細琢和最後的完美呈現。 從書寫工具、腕錶、皮革用品到配飾,無論作品大小,工匠眼中容不得半點瑕疵。有人說,因為熱情,每一件工藝品的靈魂被點燃了,用以心血澆灌,它開始呼吸、以卓越之姿破繭而出。 Mont­blanc rep­re­sents tire­less com­mit­ment and metic­u­lous care to its lux­ury brand prod­ucts. Es­tab­lished over 100 years ago it caters to the so­phis­ti­cated man and woman with its cut­ting edge, exquisitely hand­crafted de­signs.

Per­haps it is the de­vo­tion and pas­sion be­hind the mak­ing of ev­ery item, par­tic­u­larly the un­com­pro­mis­ing at­ten­tion to de­tail and per­fectly pre­sented in­ven­tions that es­tab­lishes the Mont­blanc ma­son high above oth­ers. From writ­ing in­stru­ments to watches and leather ac­ces­sories, re­gard­less of the item size, not a sin­gle flaw es­capes the eyes of crafts­men. Ev­ery crafted piece is metic­u­lously trans­formed into an item of un­sur­passed beauty.

Aug­mented Pa­per Mont­blanc

A soft blue leather case with spe­cial em­bossed pat­terns in­side, the Mont­blanc Aug­mented Pa­per spe­cial edi­tion sup­ports UNICEF by com­bin­ing tra­di­tional pen and pa­per with mod­ern tech­nol­ogy. A Mont­blanc Star­walker Ball­point Pen, note­book and dig­i­tizer al­lows hand­writ­ing and sketches to be trans­mit­ted to the mo­bile via Blue­tooth, and con­verted into dig­i­tal text for edit­ing.



Meis­ter­stück UNICEF Soli­taire Le Grand Foun­tain Pen

The UNICEF foun­tain pen aligned with the first char­ac­ters learnt by chil­dren world­wide was in­spired by the Rosetta stone from 196 BC Egypt, a mon­u­ment used to de­ci­pher Egyp­tian hi­ero­glyph­ics.

大 班 系 列 UNICEF 貴 金 屬鋼筆豪華款

萬寶龍大班系列 UNICEF 書寫工具,其筆身飾有公元前 196年羅塞塔石碑中,當時兒童最早學習的常用文字,也被後人用以破譯古埃及象形文字的參考。

Meis­ter­stück Se­lec­tion Sfu­mato Doc­u­ment Case with front pocket

A full-grain Ital­ian calf­skin doc­u­ment case with Ital­ian suede lin­ing. Metal ac­ces­sories and the Mont­blanc em­blem ring are made of pal­la­dium-coated brass. The case in­te­rior con­sists of small com­part­ments for the phone and writ­ing in­stru­ments, and a front pocket sits over the ex­te­rior.



UNICEF cuff links

These rec­tan­gu­lar cuff links are a recog­ni­tion of Mont­blanc and UNICEF’S col­lab­o­ra­tion. Al­ter­nate be­tween the re­versible faces of clas­sic onyx and brushed steel plate en­graved with al­pha­bets of dif­fer­ent lan­guages. A blue sap­phire adorns the side.


可翻式的矩形袖扣用以紀念萬寶龍與 UNICEF的合作。一面為經典縞瑪瑙、刻有不同字母的磨砂鋼面,另一面則為可翻轉式亮面。側邊以藍寶石為裝飾,在體現經典的同時更添時尚感。

Mont­blanc Sum­mit Smart­watch Stain­less Steel

In­spired by the Mont­blanc 1858 col­lec­tion, this lux­ury smart­watch con­tains the same essence and high pre­ci­sion. The An­droid Wear 2.0 recharge­able watch is com­pat­i­ble with Iphones and An­droid smart­phones, fea­tur­ing multi-touch recog­ni­tion, nav­i­ga­tion, heart-rate mon­i­tor and voice trans­la­tion. down­load apps and play mu­sic via Wifi and Blue­tooth con­nec­tions.


這只腕錶使用了品牌1858 系列腕錶的靈感,其受到瑞士最受讚譽的美耐華鐘錶的啟發並加以發揚光大。採用 1858 系列腕錶的精髓和精準度,注入數碼智慧,能記錄健身指數和心跳律動、聲控操作、藍牙功能,能直接與 iphone 或 An­droid 手機溝通和部分操作。

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