Louis Vuit­ton Time Cap­sule



Twenty years af­ter the sink­ing of Ti­tanic, a suit­case marked with the char­ac­ters “LV” was re­trieved from the sea bot­tom. Once un­locked, it was found that all the con­tents were dry and in per­fect con­di­tion. As if a time cap­sule was opened, the suit­case re­minded us of the su­pe­rior qual­ity that the LV brand was founded upon.


Since its foun­da­tion in 1854, Louis Vuit­ton (LV) a lux­ury fash­ion house lauded for its rev­o­lu­tion­ary de­sign and crafts­man­ship in leather prod­ucts and renowned for its trade­mark trunks and iconic bags - has broad­ened its prod­uct range and ex­panded its high­end re­tail niche.

Founder Louis Vuit­ton ar­rived in Paris at the ten­der age of 16 and found em­ploy­ment in a box-mak­ing and pack­ing fac­tory. This ex­pe­ri­ence built a strong foun­da­tion for him and set the di­rec­tion of his fu­ture ca­reer.

Louis’s dili­gence qual­i­fied him for suc­cess, while his ex­cep­tional ar­ti­sanal skills won the favour of no­bles. Louis was lucky enough to gain spe­cial ap­pre­ci­a­tion from the Em­press of France, Eu­ge­nie de Mon­tijo when he served as her per­sonal box maker.

1854年創立的 Louis Vuit­ton 路易威登(LV)見證了 160 年來世界的興衰,品牌的發展從最早的旅行箱到今日的各類服飾、皮革製品,無論哪一項哪一款,訴說的不單是時尚、更見證了歷史。

品牌創始人路易威登(Louis Vuit­ton),14歲時去巴黎闖蕩,以幫貴族打包行李為生,從而觸動了路易設計行李箱的靈感,也為日後LV品牌確立了方向。

路易務實認真的工作態度,精湛的手工獲得王公貴族的青睞,並幸運地獲得烏捷妮(Eu­ge­nie)皇后的賞識與優待,命他為御用捆工。1854年,在烏捷妮皇后的資助下, 33歲的路易威登在巴黎香榭麗舍大道開了第一家旅行包店,Louis Vuit­ton。

In 1854, the 33 year old Louis opened his own store – Louis Vuit­ton on Rue Neuve des Ca­pucines in Paris. Louis in­tro­duced his rec­tan­gu­lar suit­case de­sign in 1858, bring­ing the first stack­able suit­case to the world. His lux­u­ri­ous de­signs came with prices that matched LV’S out­stand­ing qual­ity, which pro­vided im­i­ta­tors an op­por­tu­nity to seize the gen­eral mar­ket. In or­der to re­duce coun­ter­feit­ing, LV added a beige and brown stripe pat­tern to LV prod­ucts in 1876. The Damier Can­vas pat­tern was in­tro­duced in 1888, fol­lowed by the iconic Mono­gram Can­vas de­sign in 1896. The com­pany’s patent reg­is­tra­tion in Paris even­tu­ally al­lowed LV to sue fake goods, win­ning the first coun­ter­feit trial.

LV品牌出世後,受到皇室的喜愛,路易設計出第一款旅行箱,也是世上首次發明的方形旅行箱。LV為王宮貴族而產生,平民無法負擔,也令仿冒者有機可乘。為了奠定LV的地位,並防止假冒,1872年 LV 品牌首次推出條紋設計,1888年推出棋盤格設計。通過專利註冊,路易威登在巴黎拿到獨家認證,並將假貨告上法庭,首次在贗品審判的案件中獲勝!

The world’s econ­omy col­lapsed dur­ing the Sec­ond World War, yet the LV brand thrived and ex­panded its re­tail out­lets across Europe. In 1997, New York de­signer Marc Ja­cobs be­came the cre­ative di­rec­tor of Louis Vuit­ton and new fash­ion col­lec­tions were in­cor­po­rated un­der the LV brand.

Over the past 160 years, the LV brand has en­hanced the lives of mil­lions world­wide with its cut­ting edge style and prac­ti­cal de­sign.

The first LV Time Cap­sule ex­hi­bi­tion in Ocea­nia was held at Chad­stone – The Fash­ion Cap­i­tal in Mel­bourne, pass­ing on valu­able sto­ries of clas­sic crafts­man­ship and art.

1940 年二次大戰擊垮世界經濟,卻讓LV品牌橫跨全歐洲。1997 年,紐約設計師 Marc Ja­cob­s成為路易威登的創意總監。由此路易威登正式走進時裝和時尚配件系列。

回顧品牌 160年來的成就,由技術和創新一路引領時尚潮流,並將設計融入生活。如今,路易威登的時間膠囊在墨爾本藝術小鎮Chad­stone 第一次打開,承傳的藝術和手藝讓經典不斷流傳 ....


Louis Vuit­ton Time Cap­sule Ex­hi­bi­tion

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