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品牌於 1981 年創立,其創始人Perri 認為適合女性的工作服飾能襯托出女人的智慧與美貌,但卻不需大牌設計師的專研,只要沿用經典設計略作修改,搭上完美合身的剪裁和上好的布料,即是優雅!

Perri Cut­ten現任首席設計師Pene­lope 在女裝設計有超過20 年的經驗,她認為在日新月異的時尚潮流中,設計除了跟上流行外必須保有經典,不隨著時間而消逝,「設計中,我偏好歐美風格,同時使用現在引領服裝潮流的東方元素,在色彩、花紋和剪裁上,展現時尚卻不忘經典」。

Pene­lope 說;或許「永不褪色的流行」是對 Perri Cut­ten 品牌最好的寫照。亞洲女性以袖珍的體型走遍天下,完美的黃金比例身材,似乎難以適應國際流行的品牌。Perri Cut­ten 總經理 An­gus 說,不改變風格和比例,品牌為亞洲女性提供超小尺碼(XS),「合身的剪裁一直是 Perri Cut­ten 最重要的元素「。

秋冬之際,利用象徵女性的精緻蕾絲花邊配上人造皮草圍領袖口搭配在毛線編織外套,時髦的經典,再配上壓花的深色長褲。 智慧從高雅的裝扮中緩緩散出…。

Perri Cut­ten was founded in 1981. Its founder, Perri had a vi­sion to de­sign cloth­ing with time­less ap­peal and clas­sic style made with su­pe­rior fab­rics for long last­ing qual­ity. For Perri, de­sign­ing stylish and clas­sic work wear en­abled women to bring out their in­ner el­e­gance and strength. Perri Cut­ten has re­mained true to its ‘mod­ern clas­sic’ aes­thetic for over 35 years, root­ing the brand as a clas­sic Aus­tralian la­bel of time­less so­phis­ti­ca­tion.

Perri Cut­ten’s cre­ative di­rec­tor, Pene­lope Loorham, has guided the brand for over 20 years with her unique vi­sion of mod­ern fem­i­nin­ity, while stay­ing true to the brand’s fun­da­men­tal prin­ci­ples of im­pec­ca­ble qual­ity and time­less style. She be­lieves that in the ever-evolv­ing fash­ion land­scape, de­signs should em­anate a clas­sic style com­ple­mented with an on-trend edge. “Whilst be­ing mind­ful of the key trends for the next sea­son, we are al­ways fo­cused on hav­ing a global feel. Much of the in­spi­ra­tion for the col­lec­tion comes from trav­el­ling, and in par­tic­u­lar the times spent in the East­ern part of the globe. Colours and pat­terns will also be on the essence of Perri Cut­ten, with sub­tle di­rec­tional as­pects.”

Perri Cut­ten of­fers a range of sizes to en­able any woman to find their per­fect fit. “Per­fectly fit­ted tai­lor­ing has al­ways been the para­mount,” says Perri Cut­ten man­ag­ing di­rec­tor An­gus For­rest.

As au­tumn set­tles in, a new tai­lored se­lec­tion fea­tur­ing faux fur trims and fine lace de­tails com­ple­mented with fash­ion­able clas­sics, knit­ted wool jack­ets, and dark em­bossed trousers of­fers a stylish so­lu­tion to brave the sweep­ing win­try chill.

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