Wil­liam Feng: Be True to Your­self



“If I had stayed on my orig­i­nal life track, with­out a doubt I would be liv­ing in a lux­u­ri­ous house, driv­ing a lux­ury car, get­ting to my fa­ther’s com­pany at what­ever time I felt like show­ing up to learn a few busi­ness skills so I could be­come CEO within the next ten years…” Thanks to some harsh words from his fa­ther, Wil­liam Feng has worked hard to be­come a suc­cess in his own right. 「如果沒有意外的話,我的生活狀態應該是,入則豪宅出則跑車,日上三竿後去自家公司晃晃,學點經營之道,幾年後或者十幾年後成為董事長…」然而,『富二代』卻在父親的一句話之下努力進取,今天外界稱他為『富一代』。


父親是坐擁10億的中國紡織業巨頭,人們都以為馮紹峰可以輕鬆地活在『富二代』的光環之下,但在 18歲那年,父親的一席話讓馮紹峰必須面對挑戰,「這些話讓我的人生產生了變數,他說我已成年了,家裏只會承擔教育開支,生活、娛樂是自己的事」,馮紹峰說道:「父親說將來我帶回多少身家,他就留多少財富給我;如果口袋空空,那家族企業就與我無關」。這樣的壓力卻給了馮紹峰奮鬥的動力。


As the only son of a tex­tile ty­coon worth bil­lions of dol­lars, Wil­liam could have lived a life of lux­ury and ease. When he turned 18, his fa­ther made a deal with him. “His words changed my life. He told me that as I was now an adult, he would only con­tinue to pay for my ed­u­ca­tion. I had to go to work to pay for my daily ne­ces­si­ties and en­ter­tain­ment ex­penses. He chal­lenged me to a pro rata re­turn based on the amount of money I could earn on my own. The more I made, the more money he would leave to me in his will. If I earned noth­ing, the com­pany would have noth­ing to do with me!” The pres­sure of the chal­lenge drove his re­solve. “I was fully com­mit­ted to ev­ery step I took. There isn’t a sin­gle piece of work that I haven’t given it my all. Step by step, it is this sense of re­solve that has led me all the way to where I am now.”

En­ter­ing the en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try in 1998, he has gained mas­sive pop­u­lar­ity in the two decades since. Born in 1978, Wil­liam has been blessed with in­tel­li­gence along with his good looks. As a re­sult of his hard work and top grades, he was the only can­di­date to gain a schol­ar­ship to the highly com­pet­i­tive Shang­hai The­atre

Academy. “Back then, my class­mates were more fo­cussed on hav­ing fun, dat­ing and en­joy­ing life while I took the op­por­tu­nity to meet with pro­duc­ers, di­rec­tors and agen­cies. With­out money or any re­la­tion­ships in the in­dus­try, my only chance was to go to ev­ery au­di­tion, tak­ing ev­ery part of­fered and even of­fer­ing my handy­man skills for any way to be on set.”

Wil­liam says that his role as Xiang Yu in “White Vengeance” left its mark on him. “I was able to ex­pe­ri­ence the lofty sen­ti­ments and high as­pi­ra­tions of this great an­cient man through play­ing this part. It in­spires me that no mat­ter what role I play, now or in the fu­ture - there is al­ways some­thing I can take from it for my own good. Drifter Ma Hao­han’s strug­gle in “The Con­ti­nent”, the real life fear of young stu­dent Chen Zhen in fac­ing the wolf pack in “Wolf Totem”, the un­der­stand­ing of life that Bud­dhist monk Tang San­zang en­light­ened to af­ter go­ing through re­peated dif­fi­cul­ties…all of these shine so bright and have be­come a part of me.”

The en­ter­tain­ment in­dus­try in China is full of tal­ent - it hasn’t been an easy jour­ney for Wil­liam to at­tain his cur­rent po­si­tion. It takes more than just hard work to be­come a great ac­tor; he un­der­stands the es­sen­tials of stay­ing true and hum­ble and to keep go­ing far and wide. “I give my all to ev­ery role I play. But most im­por­tantly, I have to stay true to my­self and al­ways be who and what I am.”


談到戲劇,馮紹鋒對 Vi­sion 雜誌表示,《鴻門宴傳奇》對他有著特殊意義,「項羽的豪情壯志讓我真正在戲中活了一次。不管是演繹過的,還是正在演繹的,或是未來將要演繹的角色,這些人物都有值得傚法的地方,馬浩漢在失意人生中的掙扎,陳陣在面對狼群時的心靈震顫,唐僧在西遊路上一難又一難的領悟等等,都閃動著光芒。」


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