Mont­blanc: Weav­ing A Web Of Fas­ci­nat­ing Beauty


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The fas­ci­nat­ing beauty, dili­gence and wis­dom of a spi­der spin­ning a web elic­its cu­rios­ity and ap­pre­ci­a­tion; it is a work of magic of­ten com­pared to the art of weav­ing words in lit­er­a­ture. As the two con­cepts merge in Mont­blanc’s High Artistry Her­itage Me­ta­mor­pho­sis Lim­ited Edi­tion writ­ing in­stru­ments, the un­bound cre­ativ­ity, high pre­ci­sion and tech­ni­cal skill as­tounds and in­spires all. For the rst time, pre­cious spi­der jew­ellery can be meta­mor­phosed from foun­tain pens, crafted us­ing ad­vanced stone cut­ting tech­niques and in­tri­cate hand en­grav­ings in gold.

High Artistry Her­itage Spi­der Me­ta­mor­pho­sis Lim­ited Edi­tion 1

A three-di­men­sional spi­der web and or­na­men­tal spi­der are cre­ated us­ing nearly 13 carats of di­a­monds on a white gold foun­tain pen. The spi­der’s body con­sists of a pear-cut di­a­mond (0,62 ct D/F ), and an ad­di­tional 16 di­a­monds for its legs. Se­cured with a unique triple clo­sure mech­a­nism, the or­na­men­tal spi­der rest­ing on the pavé of di­a­monds can be re­moved and worn as a bracelet or brooch, us­ing jew­ellery ac­ces­sories in­cluded in the set. An­other di­a­mond spi­der adorns the pen cap’s top, with two bril­liant cut di­a­monds as its eyes, while the Au750 solid gold nib is en­graved with a spe­cial rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the spi­der and em­bel­lished with more di­a­monds.

As well as white gold, the High Artistry Her­itage Spi­der Me­ta­mor­pho­sis Lim­ited Edi­tion 1 is avail­able in cham­pagne gold and red gold. A re­mov­able flu­o­res­cent spi­der made from 1,07 carats of oval cut Myan­mar ruby char­ac­terises the cham­pagne gold mas­ter­piece.

Depict­ing a twi­light scene, the red gold edi­tion fea­tures a solid red gold foun­tain pen with the cap bar­rel em­bel­lished with sap­phires grad­ing from light blue to dark blue. A cabo­chon cut Burmese star sap­phire on the cap top re­veals a shim­mer­ing star when un­der di­rect light, and the jewel spi­der trans­forms into a brooch or tiepin.

Each of the High Artistry Her­itage Spi­der Me­ta­mor­pho­sis Lim­ited Edi­tions 5, 10 and 88 are char­ac­terised by unique ap­pear­ances and bril­liantly cut pre­cious gems.

To com­plete the col­lec­tion, Mont­blanc’s High Artistry Spi­der Me­ta­mor­pho­sis Notebook fea­tures a soft leather cover with crawl­ing spi­ders, crafted in Florence us­ing fine veg­etable leather tanned with nat­u­ral oils and tan­nins.



限量版的蜘蛛金鑽系列,三種收藏,每一款都有獨特的外形和精美的切割珠寶技術。如此名貴的精品,持有者或不捨使用。多觀而賞之,珍而藏之! !


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