Mel­bourne Cof­fee Cul­ture



The de­li­cious aroma of fresh cof­fee lingers in the laneway, with the queue out­side the café wait­ing for their caf­feine x in the light of a new day. This is how most Mel­bour­ni­ans start their work­day. 當晨曦灑向大地,迎面飄來淡淡的幽香。人們走進小巷深處的咖啡館,新的一天就這樣開始了。這就是墨爾本。

Aus­tralia is not renowned for grow­ing cof­fee but Mel­bourne is with­out a doubt the cof­fee cap­i­tal of the na­tion. The cof­fee cul­ture here is unique and is founded on the lo­cals’ long love af­fair with the am­brosial cof­fee bean.

It all be­gan with the in­flux of Ital­ian mi­grants dur­ing the 1950’s. They brought their love of cof­fee with them, with cafes and cof­fee roast­ers es­tab­lish­ing a legacy that has grown into the thriv­ing cof­fee scene we en­joy to­day. Many spe­cialty roast­ers have re­la­tion­ships all the way along the sup­ply chain, from the cof­fee farm­ers to the reg­u­lars who come in and en­joy their daily grind


1950年,當歐洲移民湧入澳洲時,大量的意大利人選擇了墨爾本,咖啡行業也在這個時期開始興旺起來,先後誕生了很多自己烘培咖啡豆的工廠 (Roaster ),而很多墨爾本著名的咖啡店本身就是 Roaster。

The cof­fee cul­ture has be­come in­creas­ingly so­phis­ti­cated, with café own­ers care­fully se­lect­ing from dozens of cof­fee beans and adopt­ing dif­fer­ent brew­ing meth­ods to cre­ate their unique cup of sig­na­ture cof­fee.

Cof­fee cul­ture has come to be one of the defin­ing as­pects of this vi­brant city, with cafés ap­pear­ing ev­ery­where from busy streets to tiny tucked away laneways. De­spite the pro­lif­er­a­tion of these fab­u­lous cof­fee spots, each café has its own ded­i­cated band of reg­u­lars who swear by the brew pre­pared by their favourite barista.



The scene has at­tracted many world-renowned baris­tas to set­tle in Mel­bourne. Any café could have a world cham­pion barista in­side mak­ing your fresh cup of cof­fee. Cof­fee afi­ciona­dos also have their own unique take on how they en­joy their daily brew. It’s not al­ways a sim­ple latte or cap­puc­cino - the barista re­ally has to be on their game to keep up with or­ders like, “small de­caf skinny latte, dou­ble shot, ex­tra hot, less foam”.

These skilled ar­ti­sans en­sure the cus­tomer gets ex­actly what they want in their or­der- cor­rect choice of milk, sugar, amount of foam and tem­per­a­ture, to name just a few of the com­po­nents that go into mak­ing the per­fect cup. Me­moris­ing their reg­u­lars’ or­ders is an es­sen­tial skill and this is how they man­age to build a ded­i­cated cus­tomer base, of­fer­ing great cof­fee and won­der­ful hos­pi­tal­ity.

The choosi­ness Aus­tralians have de­vel­oped when it comes to their cof­fee is a ma­jor nd chal­lenge for some world-wide cof­fee chains, who are strug­gling to com­pete with the cof­fee in­dus­try in Mel­bourne. For many sel­f­re­spect­ing cof­fee afi­cionado, these are merely a drink store, not a cof­fee shop. Aus­tralians are in­evitably dis­ap­pointed by the lack of real cafés when vis­it­ing overseas.



比如:「Small de­caf skinny latte, dou­ble shot with 2 sug­ars, ex­tra hot, less foam」





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