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When Aus­trian Barb de Corti moved to Perth in the early 1990’s, her in­fant son was di­ag­nosed with asthma. By age four his asthma was so se­vere he was in and out of hospi­tal, yet when vis­it­ing fam­ily in Aus­tria his at­tacks stopped. Even­tu­ally his mother dis­cov­ered why: no­body in her fam­ily cleaned with chem­i­cals. They only used ENJO and wa­ter. Skep­ti­cal that ENJO would re­move germs she soon found it did work. Re­search con­ducted by Mur­dock Univer­sity proved sci­en­tif­i­cally that ENJO prod­ucts re­move more germs than other clean­ing meth­ods. To­day ENJO is the only clean­ing prod­uct to re­ceive en­dorse­ment from Asthma Aus­tralia.

About 30 years ago an Aus­trian chef, Jo­hannes En­gel, used a glove in­vented by his fa­ther in his com­mer­cial kitchen. Over the years he de­vel­oped to­gether with tex­tile en­gi­neers unique fi­bres for clean­ing ev­ery­thing in­side and out­side the house as well as ex­fo­li­ate and clean our skin. While ENJO was well­known in Europe, de Corti, now ENJO Aus­tralian's CEO, strug­gled to raise aware­ness of the ben­e­fits of chem­i­cal­free clean­ing. But word-of-mouth and the ef­forts of 700 En­jopreneurs have helped ENJO Aus­tralia reach its 25th an­niver­sary this year.

ENJO is proud to leave no car­bon foot­print in its pro­duc­tion and to up­cy­cle its old prod­ucts. Thus ENJO not only ben­e­fits our per­sonal health but also the health of the planet.

奧地利的 Barb de Corti 二十世紀九十年代初搬到西澳珀斯,在這裡建立了家庭。Barb 當時僅1歲的兒子被診斷患有哮喘。到了四歲,孩子的哮喘更加嚴重,讓她束手無策。然而 Barb 回奧地利探望家人時發現,兒子的哮喘在家鄉從沒有發作,這令 Barb 驚訝不已。


據說,在 1980 年代中期,一位奧地利廚師 Jo­hannes En­gel 使用其父親與紡織工程師研發的獨特纖維,用於清潔房屋內外包括:廚房,浴 室,地板,軟家具,燒烤爐,汽車等以及家庭的個人清潔。

如今 ENJO產品已駐進澳洲 25年,它在歐洲更是家喻戶曉,而Barb 也成為了澳洲 ENJO 的首席執行官。

ENJO在其生產過程中極為環保不留下碳微粒,還能將舊 ENJO 升級為塑料瓶,T卹,毛氈等。

Mur­dock­大學研究發現,ENJO產品比其他清潔劑和方法能去除更多細菌。今天 ENJO是唯一獲得澳大利亞哮喘協會認可的清潔產品、澳洲兒童急救中心 Kidzaid 認可的家用清潔劑,如孩子意外攝入後不會造成傷害。


“ENJO’S motto: heal the past, live the present, dream the fu­ture. -- Barb de Corti, CEO, ENJO Aus­tralia

For more in­for­ma­tion visit: www.enjo.com.au


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