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車頭的雙腎型格柵雖然是裝飾,但最能體現傳統寶馬車身分的元素,而寶馬標示外的藍圈以及以及車兩側的發光裝飾條代表了新能源車型的身分。車身和內飾多種顏色搭配使得 i3不僅受到年輕人的青睞,甚至成了許多藝術家的創作的平台。 nd

也許你會覺得,i3不是很「寶馬」。其最大輸出功率125kw,峰值扭矩 250Nm,最高續航在 200-330公里之間也不比十分出眾,但作為每天上下班代步工具是最適合不過。同時,看不見的元素確實證明寶馬將目光放遠未來的關鍵。

95% 的 i3零件是使用可回收材料,i3整體構架都是碳纖維材質, 這種常用於超級跑車的材料比鋼輕50%,比鋁輕 30%,但強度是鋼的的 5倍,鋁的7倍,而且百分之百可回收。即使是電池組也可以回收用於存儲太陽能。


i3內飾皮革採用了橄欖樹葉中提取的天然原汁作為鞣製劑、座椅的縫線則採用了天然纖維,儀表盤和車門飾板均使用洋麻植物材料(Ke­naf)、座椅材料用的是 40% 純羊毛混合技術製成、車內的部分木製材料為桉木,它可以比傳統木材少噴 90%的表面漆,減少了對環境的污染,對人身體的危害。這樣的材料組合讓 i3即使放在陽光下曝晒,車內也不會產生刺鼻的氣味。

在 2017世界汽車大獎中(World Car Awards),i3 獲得了「世界城市車(World Ur­ban Car Award)大獎,這是對設計者的最大肯定。或許在未來,沒有任何碳排放的新能源汽車變成了常態,但在如今,i3已經成為拼湊出未來的一塊重要拼圖。

The fully-elec­tric drive train BMW edrive pow­ers an ac­cel­er­a­tion from 0 to 100km/h in 7.3 sec­onds. The BMW i3 of­fers a per­for­mance of 125kw, with a torque of 250 Nm. This in­no­va­tive ve­hi­cle of­fers a range of 200km of si­lent elec­tric cruis­ing, per­fect for re­laxed city driv­ing. The model fea­tures an op­tional range ex­ten­der – a 650 cc petrol en­gine fit­ted to charge the bat­tery, aug­ment­ing the range to up to 330km.

From start to fin­ish, sus­tain­abil­ity is at the heart of BMW'S de­sign. At the out­set, pro­duc­tion of the BMW i3 is com­pletely pow­ered by wind en­ergy. The pas­sen­ger cell is made from car­bon fi­bre re­in­forced plas­tic (CFRP) that is, fully pro­duced from start to fin­ish us­ing only wa­ter power. Car­bon is a light­weight ma­te­rial, tougher and stronger than steel. The ve­hi­cle's low mass body is built around an alu­minium driv­e­line plat­form, low­er­ing the cen­tre of grav­ity for in­creased agility and range. Up to 95% of the BMW i3 nd is re­cy­clable. Ex­cess car­bon fi­bres can be re-in­tro­duced into the pro­duc­tion process, and bat­tery mod­ules are adapt­able as re­cep­ta­cles for so­lar en­ergy.

En­cased within the cut­tingedge sturdy ex­te­rior , is an open and flow­ing in­te­rior. The BMW i3 ex­ten­sively uses ke­naf to re­place plas­tic in its in­te­rior build. Ke­naf is har­vested from malva plants and is up to 30% lighter than con­ven­tional ma­te­ri­als, fur­ther re­duc­ing the car's mass to of­fer in­creased dy­nam­ics when driv­ing. BMW i3 leather is tanned en­tirely with nat­u­ral olive leaf ex­tract in an en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly process, al­low­ing the leather to re­tain its smooth, cool sur­face, and nat­u­ral shine. The seat cov­ers are­seats are made of 40% cer­ti­fied vir­gin wool, a re­new­able re­source that of­fers lux­u­ri­ous com­fort. The breath­able wool blend al­lows seats to re­main cool dur­ing high tem­per­a­tures. In ad­di­tion to the aes­thetic ef­fect, the silky sur­faces of the in­te­rior trims are made from eeu­ca­lyp­tus wood, which re­quires 90% less pro­cess­ing than other wood types. The wood is sourced through sus­tain­able forestry prac­tice.

In the 2017 World Car Awards, the BMW i3 took the ti­tle of the World Ur­ban Car Award for its in­tel­li­gent com­bi­na­tion of per­for­mance, de­sign, value, safety and ap­peal.

Vi­sion 雜誌 Harry Sun與 BMW Aus­tralia 市場總經理 Tony Sesto 在試駕新車。

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