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VISION was in­vited to Mont­blan­ncd Queens­land by Aus­tralia to join in a lux­ury and brand her­itage ex­pe­ri­ence.

It can be said that no mat­ter how ad­vanced tech­nol­ogy has be­come, Mont­blanc re­mains a pi­o­neer of writ­ing in­stru­ments and watch col­lec­tions more than 100 years since es­tab­lish­ment. “It is like climb­ing the Mt. Blanc of the Alps. We have al­ways been at the fore­front of in­no­va­tion this past cen­tury due to our ded­i­ca­tion to and ground-break­ing ap­proach to our prod­ucts,” says Leon Mervins, the CEO of Mont­blanc, Aus­tralia.

After land­ing in Bris­bane, we flew by he­li­copter to Spicers Re­treats in Spicers Peak, Queens­land. Dur­ing our flight Leon ex­plained the pur­pose of the trip, “This jour­ney is to let you ex­pe­ri­ence the unique charm of Mont­blanc which is the re­flec­tion of ‘lux­ury, pre­ci­sion and qual­ity’. Like­wise, every de­tail and every process in the hand-craft­ing of our in­stru­ments needs to be per­fect.”

Some peo­ple may con­sider that Mont­blanc’s writ­ing in­stru­ments are merely beau­ti­ful and ex­pen­sive gad­gets. How­ever, many do not know that every de­sign draws on the artis­tic in­ge­nu­ity of ar­ti­sans of this past cen­tury. Tra­di­tional crafts­man­ship is the essence of Mont­blanc’s time­less lux­ury prod­ucts and heir­looms.

Leon com­pared Spicers Peak with the ori­gin of Mont­blanc’s name, as the com­pany is named after the high­est peak of the Alps, Mt. Blanc. Its trade­mark is a six-pointed snow­cap, rep­re­sen­ta­tive of the Mont Blanc snow­cap and sym­bol of the com­pany’s cut­ting-edge crafts­man­ship. The nib of Mont­blanc pens is en­graved with the num­ber “4810” which rep­re­sents the height of the Mont Blanc mas­sif and the com­pany’s mis­sion to be the man­u­fac­turer par ex­cel­lence of lux­ury prod­ucts such as writ­ing in­stru­ments, watches, jew­ellery and leather goods in the world. Each of Mont­blanc’s ar­ti­san pieces is syn­ony­mous with the brand’s motto of “crafted for new heights”!

“The brand has al­ways looked at the moun­tain be­ing the high­est point of achieve­ment and the high­est point of crafts­man­ship,” Leon said. “We did not in­vent the foun­tain pen, but we were pi­o­neers in per­fect­ing it. In 1906, Mont­blanc was the first to suc­cess­fully pro­duce a pen that didn’t leak.” says Leon.

Ran­dall Foote, Gen­eral Man­ager of Mont­blanc Aus­tralia af­firmed that strin­gent qual­ity checks en­sure that their pens are guar­an­teed to work un­der the sim­u­la­tion of air pres­sure at an al­ti­tude of 4810 me­ters above sea level which is the height rep­re­sented by its snow-peak logo. Only pens that func­tion un­der such a harsh en­vi­ron­ment can be branded as Mont­blanc.

Ran­dall said, “Every piece of a Mont­blanc watch is hand-made and rig­or­ously tested. It takes about 5 years to suc­cess­fully pro­duce a watch and pass all strin­gent qual­ity checks. Every watch and writ­ing in­stru­ment em­bod­ies a part of the ar­ti­san’s heart and soul.”

A Mont­blanc bou­tique de­signed by the French de­signer Noé Duchau­four-lawrance has newly opened in Melbourne.

Mont­blanc Chad­stone Bou­tique

Ground Floor, Chad­stone Shop­ping Cen­ter 1341 Dan­de­nong Road, Chad­stone, VIC 3148

我們乘坐的客機在布里斯班降落後,立即改換直升機,一路飛往昆士蘭脊梁的 Spicer­s奢華度假村(Spicers Re­treats)。同行的 Leon說,「這趟品牌體驗之旅,僅為了讓各位感受一下萬寶龍獨特的魅力,那就是『奢華、精緻和品質』。傳統手工藝中的產品製作就像這次旅程,每一個細節、每一個程序都是完美展現。」

有人總認為,萬寶龍的書寫工具僅是個昂貴、美麗的玩物。殊不知萬寶龍與世界級的藝術家有著深厚的聯繫,百年的承傳,每項設計 都取其藝術精髓,紀念不同偉人的貢獻,用藝術與奢華給人留下一絲緬懷之情。

運動、不落人後,爬山、登高遠望,比試、展現智慧,Leon把Spicer 山峰比作歐洲白朗峰,通過一種感受與體驗向我們展現了萬寶龍品牌的『探索』精神。

「我們展示的鋼筆不是萬寶龍的發明,但百年來,我們的工藝大師在探索中運用智慧和不懈努力讓該品牌達到登峰造極的行業先鋒」Leon 說。

萬寶龍六角星形標誌象徵著白朗峰 (Mt.blanc) 山頂的雪花,萬寶龍鋼筆的筆尖均刻有數字4810,澳洲萬寶龍總經理 Ran­dall Foote 告訴我們說,嚴格的生產品質檢核中,有一項就是模擬海拔 4810 公尺的氣壓值,出廠的鋼筆必須保證在這樣嚴酷的環境中依然正常使用,才具出廠的資格。

「萬寶龍旗下的每一隻腕錶除了機芯錶面的手工製作外,還經過嚴格的測試,從製作到測試檢驗後出廠需要約5年的時間。每一只腕 錶、書寫工具都可被視為工藝大師的終身成就。」Ran­dall Foote 說道。

聆聽萬寶龍,每一個故事都在詮釋其品牌所標榜的 「Crafted For New Heights」!


個程序都是完美展現。 --- 萬寶龍澳洲執行長 Leon Mervins

法國著名設計師 Noe Duchau­fourlawrance完美打造,全新開幕的萬寶龍精品店在墨爾本全新開幕。 Mont­blanc Chad­stone Bou­tique Ground Floor,chad­stone Shop­ping Cen­ter 1341 Dan­de­nong Road, Chad­stone, VIC 3148


奢華 · 精緻 ·品質百年的經久不衰

VISION雜誌應澳洲萬寶龍邀約,在昆士蘭作『奢華、品牌體驗之旅』,說是為了共享萬寶龍的自豪與榮耀。無論科技如何進步,萬寶龍的書寫工具和腕錶系列在歷經百年後依然處於世界頂尖地位。 「就像攀登阿爾卑斯山的白朗峰,我們以認真進取的態度,始終走在時代的前端,成為百年來的佼佼者」澳洲萬寶龍CEO Leon Mervins說。

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