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As the sun slipped be­low the edge and en­gulfed the over­stretch­ing vine­yards, an icy drop of tem­per­a­ture made us shiver from be­neath our jack­ets. But in­stead of tak­ing the cue to move in­doors, we hud­dled by the crack­ling bon re where a crowd of lo­cals frol­icked and danced, un nished wine rock­ing in our glasses and the Milky Way hang­ing close above our heads. Just a short jour­ney out of Syd­ney, the town of Orange took us back in time to ex­pe­ri­ence the magic of a tra­di­tional Aus­tralian life­style.

Lo­cated ap­prox­i­mately 250 km west of Syd­ney, Orange is a thriv­ing re­gional city in one of the most scenic and fer­tile ar­eas of New South Wales. Mount Canobo­las, the an­cient vol­canic range laid down the foun­da­tion of the re­gion’s fer­tile topol­ogy of basalt-rich soils, high al­ti­tudes and con­sis­tent hu­mid­ity. The city bloomed into a cen­tre of ex­otic pro­duce, fine wine and el­e­gant restau­rants, and holds its own slice of Aus­tralian his­tory. The freez­ing high al­ti­tude also makes it one of the coun­try’s snowiest at­trac­tions dur­ing the win­ter months.

Orange in the Gold Rush

Aus­tralia’s first gold rush be­gan when gold was dis­cov­ered in the Orange re­gion in 1851, spark­ing an age of pros­per­ity and pop­u­la­tion growth. Known to­day as the “Her­itage Trail”, some won­der­ful ex­am­ples of 19th cen­tury ar­chi­tec­ture have been beau­ti­fully pre­served and are open to visit across the town, in­clud­ing churches, courts, ter­races and halls.

Star Gaz­ing

In a con­stantly il­lu­mi­nated city, it is easy to for­get that Mother Na­ture watches above in the form of bil­lions of speck­led lights. In Orange, not only does the high al­ti­tude and fresh open air of­fer a panoramic view of the starry night sky, there is also a his­tory of an­cient as­tro­log­i­cal read­ings em­bed­ded in the com­mu­nity. As the stars ro­tate across the sea­sons, the con­stel­la­tions are known to rep­re­sent a col­lec­tion of mytholo­gies. Many fa­mous sto­ries, such as the myth of the Seven Sis­ters (Pleiades) have been recorded in Greek, Chi­nese and Indige­nous cul­tures.


澳大利亞Orange奧蘭治位於距悉尼市 250公里處,是一個坐落於古老的卡諾布拉斯火山(Mount Canobo­las) 腳下的一個幽靜小鎮。


而在那個時候,當地還誕生了一位澳洲最有名的詩人,班卓‧帕特森(Banjo Pater­son),他所創作的民謠「叢林流浪」至今家喻戶曉,他的頭像被印在了$10 的紙幣上。


肥沃的火山土壤配上了特有的涼爽氣候,使得當地盛產核果、羊奶酪、菌類和葡萄等農產品,也因此誕生了新鮮美味的食物和純正的 葡萄酒。如今,Orange 的葡萄園多達 80個,酒窖38處。嘗美味佳餚、品美酒佳釀成為各大農莊招待各方遊客的好客之道。


奧蘭治小鎮四季分明,擁有格調各異、美麗如畫的田園山水景色,也形成了不同主題的旅遊熱點,二月的氣泡酒節;四月的美食節;八月的篝火節;和十月的葡萄酒節。冬季的 Orange 奧蘭治還能觀賞到雪景。


Wine crafts­man­ship in Orange fol­lows an in­tri­cate process of com­bin­ing acid­ity, oak and fruit un­til a re­fined, well-bal­anced body of wine is achieved. Over the years, Orange has built a solid rep­u­ta­tion in the wine in­dus­try for its pris­tine range of cool­cli­mate wines.

A key el­e­ment of Orange wine is their grape pro­duc­tion, spread across the re­gion’s vary­ing al­ti­tudes from 600-1000 me­tres. Each area car­ries its own dis­tinct taste and tex­ture that all con­trib­ute to cre­at­ing Orange’s in­cred­i­bly di­verse styles of wine.

“The higher al­ti­tude grapes con­tain more acid re­ten­tion, pro­duc­ing wine that is ul­ti­mately more crisp and fresh,” says James of Ross Hill Wines.

“While reg­u­lar shi­raz is not a pop­u­lar pair­ing with Chi­nese cui­sine, the strong pres­ence of nat­u­ral acid in a cool cli­mate shi­raz com­ple­ments per­fectly with a spicy Chi­nese palate.”

To­day, Orange of­fers one of the most in­dul­gent wine ex­pe­ri­ences of Aus­tralia, fea­tur­ing mul­ti­ple award­win­ning winer­ies with cel­lar door wine-tast­ing. There are also sea­sonal events across the nd year such as the FOOD week fes­ti­val and the Win­ter Fire Fes­ti­val, where vis­i­tors can im­merse them­selves into the live­li­ness of the lo­cal com­mu­nity.

Orange 小鎮,人少景美、時光慢悠悠。這裡沒有城市的喧囂以及彩光的污染,能將南半球廣袤的夜空星河一覽無餘。轉瞬即逝的流星,短暫而美麗;南十字星指著南極的方向。


Orange 奧蘭治附近還有一個澳大利亞第一波淘金熱所在地俄斐保護 區(Ophirre­serve), 可以來此淘金試試手氣。或是在古意盎然的高斯令小溪保護區(Gosling Creek Re­serve)騎車、散步,悠閒地野餐。再遠行一些,來到卡科阿爾大壩(Car­coar Dam),這裡可以看到佈雷尼 (Blayney) 風力農場和一幢幢歷史老建築,這也是廣受歡迎的駕船、風帆衝浪、游泳和釣魚地點。

VISION Trevor Lea­man採訪天文學家雜誌 Lucy Wu

VISION 雜誌代表與 Orange 市長合影。


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