Spicy Chicken Wings

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SERVES 4 4人份PREP 20 MIN 準備時間: 20分鐘烹飪時間:16分鐘COOK 16 MIN 難易程度:簡單EASY


1 ½ kg chicken wings 1茶匙五香料粉1 tsp five spice pow­der 1瓣大蒜,切碎1 clove gar­lic, minced 1湯匙芝麻油1 tbs sesame oil 2湯匙紹興酒2 tbs Shaox­ing wine 1湯匙砂糖1 tbs caster sugar ¼杯生抽¼ cup light soy sauce半杯普通麵粉½ cup plain flour半杯米粉½ cup rice flour植物油Vegetable oil di­ag­o­nally, to sliced 1 long red chilli, thinly 1個長紅辣椒,對角切片serve sliced di­ag­o­nally, to 1 spring onion, thinly 1根大蔥,對角切片serve sprigs, to serve 新鮮¼ bunch fresh co­rian­der香菜(就餐時用) and dis­card then cut Cut the wing tips off the joint. wings in half through gar­lic, sesame oil, Place the five spice, and soy in a large Shaox­ing wine, sugar mix to com­bine. Add non-metal­lic bowl and with mari­nade. Cover chicken wings and coat if min­utes, or overnight and re­frig­er­ate for 30 you have time. and rice flour in Place the plain flour to com­bine. Al­low a large bowl and whisk drip off the wings then ex­cess mari­nade to off any ex­cess. coat with flour, shak­ing with oil to Half fill a large saucepan fry the wings for 160°C. Work­ing in batches, brown and cooked 7-8 min­utes un­til golden towel and trans­fer to through. Drain on pa­per wings with sliced chilli, serv­ing dish. Sprin­kle Serve. spring onion and co­rian­der. 做法:雞翅切半,雞翼尖丟掉。 將五香粉、大蒜、芝麻油、紹興酒、糖和生抽攪拌均勻。添加雞翅和醃料塗層。分鐘以上,過夜更佳。蓋蓋冷藏 30普通麵粉與米粉攪拌均勻。除去雞翅上的多餘醃料,再裹上麵粉。160°C。分批工將一大塊平底鍋加油至 分鐘直至金黃色並煮熟。作,將翅膀煎 7-8瀝乾紙巾,轉移到盤子裡。用切好的辣椒,蔥和香菜撒在雞翅上。上桌。

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