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Spot shock


ROAD-TEST: Neutrogena Visibly Clear Light Therapy Acne Spot Treatment, $40.

THE LOWDOWN: Applied directly to a breakout for two minutes up to three th times per day, this small portable wand emits red and blue light.

THE REAL DEAL: The pen-sized device is heavier than it looks, which immediatel­y makes me assume it must work. It’s user-friendly, with just one on/off button, and the tip neatly fits over any breakout. It’s batteryope­rated, so I pop it in my handbag and whip it out when I feel a medium-sized m bump on my chin. I use it on the breakout morning, noon and night consistent­ly for four days, and while it didn’t nix the breakout altogether (it still came to a head), it did heal rather rapidly without the accompanyi­ng redness that usually hangs around for up to a week.

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