VOGUE Australia


A cast of fabulous Australian actresses and a British veteran star as the ladies in black.


Angourie Rice (Lisa):

“There’s a strong theme of accepting people who have a different culture and I think that’s really important … Diversity is so important, not just for the sake of art and literature and culture, but also biological­ly it’s the best thing that can happen to a population, so it’s great that this film is sending this message of acceptance.”

Rachael Taylor (Fay)

“The film captures that moment in time between 1959 and 1960 when we were very much on the precipice of great change – particular­ly women in Australia – but it still feels like a story that I can apply to my life now in so many ways … it’s very much evocative of the time at the same time being so relevant to where we are now.”

Alison McGirr (Patty):

“[On set] we were around this energy that is so inspiratio­nal and the story is about women owning themselves and standing up and doing what they believe in … it’s a gentle story that has so many layers without it being political. And to have that in this moment with us owning our voices is so important right now … it’s bloody inspiratio­nal!”

Julia Ormond (Magda):

“The migrant story really resonated. I think it is ludicrous of us to believe that the migration of people is going to get any better until we get much better at how we deal with people on the planet. So I hope it resonates and I hope it opens people up a little bit to the more positive side and how culture has changed as a result.”

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