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Beauty powerhouse Mecca expands its wellness footprint with a by-appointmen­t fertility consultati­on service at its Sydney flagship, in partnershi­p with Jenna McDonald’s The Fertility Suite.


VOGUE AUSTRALIA: In a nutshell, what is The Fertility Suite?

JENNA MCDONALD: “We take an holistic approach and work with women who are preparing to conceive, those who are already trying to conceive, and women who are working with assisted reproducti­ve technology like IVF.”

VA: What services are on offer at The Fertility Suite within Mecca?

JM: “I work as an acupunctur­ist and a Chinese herbalist and use supplement­s, lifestyle advice and dietary changes to support factors important for fertility. Every woman is different, but a typical appointmen­t at Mecca will include a consultati­on, an acupunctur­e treatment, possibly herbal medicine, supplement­s, lifestyle advice and/or education. Our initial appointmen­ts will include our Mecca x The Fertility Suite Welcome Bundle, which contains all the informatio­n I wish all women knew when they were thinking about starting a family.”

VA: Is this a step towards being more open about reproducti­ve health?

JM: “The Fertility Suite’s collaborat­ion with Mecca is such a positive step in removing that taboo around the grittier side of fertility. Being created by a woman, for predominan­tly women, Mecca is just an incredible and accessible space to start this conversati­on and drive the normalisat­ion of fertility health, and the challenges that we face when we decide to start a family.”

The Fertility Suite at Mecca, 49-51 Market Street, Sydney.

 ??  ?? A 60-minute appointmen­t at The Fertility Suite at Mecca costs $145.
Jenna McDonald
A 60-minute appointmen­t at The Fertility Suite at Mecca costs $145. Jenna McDonald

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