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Comedian, writer, actor, entertaine­r: Celeste Barber’s career is as multifacet­ed as they come. As the newly anointed face of local outfit MCoBeauty, Barber brings her affable outlook to yet another role: beauty influencer.


VOGUE AUSTRALIA: What has been the best beauty advice you’ve received since working with MCoBeauty?

CELESTE BARBER: “I’ve always loved make-up, but I’ve usually just stuck to my five go-to everyday products and totally winged it. But since working with MCoBeauty, I’ve learned lots of practical tips, like applying concealer after foundation, not beforehand (I had no idea!), and I now know what hyaluronic acid is, because MCoBeauty has it in loads of its make-up products. I’m learning so much.”

VA: What’s one beauty product you never knew you needed? CB: “A make-up blending sponge! I used to always apply make-up with my fingers, and I still do most of the time. But sometimes when I’m going out or when I’m doing more of a make-up-y look, I use a sponge to blend in my make-up to make it look like I’m a profession­al who actually knows what they’re doing.” VA: Your recent MCoBeauty tutorial had products flying off the shelf, which makes you a beauty influencer. What do you think about that?

CB: “It’s wild! I certainly don’t think of myself as an influencer. I’m an actor and comedian first, then the rest of the Instagram stuff follows on from that. I’m really grateful for my audience and that they trust what I say, which is why I’m so selective in what brands I work with, because if it’s not authentic, they’ll see right through it.” VA: Naturally, you spend a lot of time on social media for your work. Do you have any structure around that? CB: “I have ADHD, so structure is not something that comes easy to me at all, but I make sure I’m not on Instagram 24/7. I choose when I engage with it, then the rest of the time I just put my phone down and hang out with my husband and kids.” VA: What’s something you do every day that people might be surprised by? CB: “I walk every day, I have to. Anxiety is something I work hard to keep at bay. Moving my body is what I have to do to stay healthy.”

VA: What does self-care mean to you? CB: “It’s taking care of my mental and physical health to the best of my ability. Women, particular­ly mums, often put ourselves last on the priority list and it does no one any favours. Sometimes that looks like going for a swim or a walk, other times it’s lying on the couch with a wine and bingeing RuPaul’s Drag Race.” VA: Have you ever checked into a wellness retreat?

CB: “I haven’t been to one, but I’d like to. The thought of meditation makes me anxious; I need to be more active to relax. I love yoga but it needs to be sprung on me. If I know it’s happening, I freak out, but if someone says: ‘Hey, I know this great yoga place, they have a class in an hour,’ I’m in! Does therapy count as a wellness retreat?” VA: Are there any crazy beauty treatments or wellness trends you would be willing to try?

CB: “I would love someone to give me a very expensive hydrating facial. I have super-dry, sensitive skin so it loves hydration and moisture. I’d also love a jawline, so if anyone is giving them away for free and it’s painless, can you please pass on my details? Thanks.”

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