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Sarah Git­toes and Robert Grynkofki have been giv­ing life to pre­cious pieces in sil­ver and gold for close to eight years. The un­der­stated pieces they cre­ate for their la­bel Sarah & Se­bas­tian are a med­i­ta­tion on min­i­mal­ism, so when they took to pearls, they gave them a new patina: ex­per­i­men­tal, raw and pre­cious all at once. An avid scuba diver her­self, Git­toes shares how to wear them now … and it’s a long way from the heir­loom jew­ellery box.

Vogue: What sets pearls apart?

Sarah Git­toes: “They are del­i­cate, light and have an un­der­stated lux­ury that res­onates with us. The vis­ual soft­ness and or­ganic con­trast with metal is beau­ti­ful.” Vogue: What would you say to women who might as­so­ci­ate pearls with older, more tra­di­tional jew­ellery?

SG: “We have quite an un­con­ven­tional ap­proach when it comes to pearls in the way they are worn and set. It all comes down to per­sonal style and hav­ing fun. The colour of pearls makes it so easy to style back with jeans and a T-shirt, or to cre­ate a more el­e­vated look.” Vogue: How do you avoid pearls look­ing dated? SG: “The in­clu­sion of pearls in our ear­rings steers clearr of an out-dated ap­proach. We pre­fer asym­met­ri­calal styles and en­cour­age the pearl to be worn sin­gu­larly.” ” Vogue: How should you wear them on an oc­ca­sion ver­sus off-duty?

SG: “A sin­gle pearl lay­ered with other pieces cre­ates tex­ture and achieves an off-duty look. Keep­ing it sim­ple can feel more suitable for an oc­ca­sion. Pieces made with fine me­tals like sil­ver and nine-karat gold are def­i­nitely the most ver­sa­tile and un­der­stated and could eas­ily take you from day to night.” Vogue: How do you look after pearls?

SG: “A sim­ple wipe down with a soft cloth and warm wa­ter after wear­ing will keep pearls free from dirt and pro­tect their lus­trous outer layer. Keep pearls away from any harsh chem­i­cal such as soaps, perfume and hair­spray. If you’re get­ting ready for a night out, make sure your pearl piece is al­ways the fin­ish­ing touch.”

Sarah & Se­bas­tian ear­ring, $295, ring, $620, and neck­lace, $360.

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