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Leo 23 JULY – 23 AU­GUST

You could feel a lit­tle mixed up this month. Dou­ble-check ev­ery­thing you do, say, In­sta or text, and be sure to check your travel plans to avoid de­lays. A close work or love part­ner­ship could ben­e­fit from rene­go­ti­a­tion now, and the clar­ity this brings spills over into a sense of free­dom that hits you where you live.

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Virgo 24 AU­GUST – 22 SEPTEM­BER

What you thought you wanted might turn out to be some­thing else you hadn’t even con­sid­ered this month. Launch plans any­way, as it’s your best time to start some­thing new, but get as much in­for­ma­tion as you can. How you nur­ture your­self also needs a fresh ap­proach, but ro­mance or fly­ing solo all feels easy now.

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Libra 23 SEPTEM­BER – 23 OC­TO­BER

Throw­ing your­self into a ca­reer that feels like you were born to it is pos­si­ble now, and it might not be the role you’d imag­ined. You could hit a love or artis­tic tar­get now too, or de­cide your as­pi­ra­tions in those ar­eas need to move on. Friend­ships also ben­e­fit from a re­tune, while money flows in (and out) more eas­ily.

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Scorpio 24 OC­TO­BER – 22 NOVEM­BER

Back­track­ing with a ca­reer agenda will get you fur­ther now than pow­er­ing ahead, and op­por­tu­ni­ties with overseas links or in me­dia could tempt you. Home life is more low-key, but you’re on fire after a slump, so watch out world! For love, look to friend­ships for a suitor or to fan the flames of a LTR.

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Sagittarius 23 NOVEM­BER – 21 DE­CEM­BER

A de­sire to branch out on your own, es­cape with a lover or get a taste of fame is strong now. Get­ting your home and fi­nances in or­der is es­sen­tial this month to give you a se­cure jump­ing off point for your wilder dreams. With a lit­tle self-be­lief you can do it, but de­vo­tion to your ca­reer will help you get there sooner.

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Capricorn 22 DE­CEM­BER – 20 JAN­UARY

You might not know what’s hit you this month with a ma­jor shift in a new or close romantic or busi­ness part­ner­ship. Chang­ing your usual moves could reignite passion per­fectly. The more you put into cur­rent con­nec­tions and fu­ture plans now the more re­turn you’ll get on in­vest­ment, but take the fo­cus off money and sta­tus.

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Aquarius 21 JAN­UARY – 18 FE­BRU­ARY

Re­vi­tal­is­ing your well­be­ing rou­tine now could bring you the re­sults you’ve only dreamed of be­fore. Re­la­tion­ships ben­e­fit from a health check now too, to make sure you’re on the same page be­fore mak­ing any joint fi­nan­cial com­mit­ments. And after a re­cent slump your ca­reer is set to soar again.

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Pisces 19 FE­BRU­ARY – 20 MARCH

A romantic sur­prise, a cre­ative break­through, a lucky win or un­ex­pected baby news could ar­rive this month. Get your­self ready to han­dle all the love that’s com­ing your way by restart­ing your self-care rou­tines. After a spell un­der the radar, old ways of think­ing can be deleted so you can take on the world again.

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Aries 21 MARCH – 20 APRIL

The ac­cent is on plea­sure this month, though you could be re­defin­ing what plea­sure means to you, as well as re-eval­u­at­ing the peo­ple you share your plea­sures with. When it comes to love and well­be­ing, you’re ready to go deeper now yet feel more lib­er­ated by the idea of com­mit­ment.

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Tau­rus 21 APRIL – 21 MAY

Un­ex­pected ex­pe­ri­ences now may be a shock to your sys­tem, but em­brace them all un­til you’re at ease with the idea of change. Re­think­ing your liv­ing sit­u­a­tion goes with this ter­ri­tory, and the re­sults could al­ter your per­cep­tion of your ca­reer too. Love, how­ever, gets back into a health­ier and hap­pier groove.

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Gemini 22 MAY – 21 JUNE

The way you com­mu­ni­cate and con­nect could ben­e­fit from some fine-tun­ing this month. Be­ing a big fish in a small pond may suit you bet­ter than try­ing to take on the whole wide world. The ben­e­fits of keep­ing it real are in­creased fi­nances, authen­tic ro­mance and more joy at work. A health kick gets go­ing again, too.

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Can­cer 22 JUNE – 22 JULY

If you’ve felt adrift lately, you’re back in charge now. An up­date of your look and at­ti­tude is likely, start­ing with a re­jig of how you han­dle your money. Dig deep into your artis­tic side too, as it’s where new streams of fi­nance could emerge. Love goes strato­spheric as you’re put­ting the vamp into a romantic re­vamp.

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