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Sagittarius 23 NOVEM­BER – 21 DE­CEM­BER

Things should go your way more than usual as you bask in a rare year-long phase of good for­tune. You’re all fired up about home life too, so fo­cus on fam­ily and shared fi­nan­cial re­spon­si­bil­i­ties to cre­ate more sta­bil­ity chez vous. Cre­ative col­lab­o­ra­tions and am­bi­tions may be­gin to take shape.


Pisces 19 FE­BRU­ARY – 20 MARCH

Af­ter a phase of feel­ing lost at sea, you’re back on course. Your ca­reer may take longer to stream­line, but work is where you’ll find con­fi­dence, luck and joy in the months to come. Trust your in­stincts, no mat­ter how off-the-wall they seem. There’s a hint of des­tiny about your love-life now too.

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Gemini 22 MAY – 21 JUNE

Your love-life may have you think­ing twice, but find­ing your own unique ap­proach to har­mony and equal­ity could see close re­la­tion­ships blos­som. Beauty soothes you and in­spires you to get cre­ative, so sur­round your­self with all that’s easy on the eye and up­lifts the soul, es­pe­cially at home.

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Virgo 24 AU­GUST – 22 SEPTEM­BER

You’re the killer queen of the witty come­back this month. You’re also in the know about all that’s go­ing on be­low the sur­face, so a re­think on the home front will set you up for a year of ex­pan­sion. Kin­dred spir­its flock to you now too, will­ing to pitch in and help rather than leave you to do the usual heavy lift­ing.

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Capricorn 22 DE­CEM­BER – 20 JAN­UARY

Your ca­reer is up for a re­view, and a com­pli­cated work-re­lated love or money is­sue may need un­tan­gling. Hon­esty and di­rect­ness are your best moves. New friends and ground­break­ing plans in­spire you and you’re su­per-op­ti­mistic, but at the heart of any suc­cess is the art of main­tain­ing solid part­ner­ships.


Aries 21 MARCH – 20 APRIL

Put aside in­trigue and aim for open­ness, as a need to re-eval­u­ate your love-life and make big plans for your fu­ture emerges. While you’re drawn to travel, home is also a sig­nif­i­cant part of your up­com­ing ad­ven­tures. Fig­ur­ing out what home truly means to you will give you all the joy you de­sire.

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Can­cer 22 JUNE – 22 JULY

This month sees the start of an 18-month quest to val­i­date your­self rather than seek ap­proval from oth­ers. Be­ing proac­tive in­stead of rid­ing any­one else’s wave will get you no­ticed, and could take you places. Re­think­ing your well­be­ing and work style is likely to bring you suc­cess and hap­pi­ness in the long run.

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Libra 23 SEPTEM­BER – 23 OC­TO­BER

If you’ve been feel­ing un­heard, un­wor­thy or unloved lately, that’s all about to change. This month a surge of en­ergy rolls through your state of well­be­ing and your ca­reer. What­ever ‘suc­cess’ means to you re­lies on nur­tur­ing your­self and oth­ers at work, as well as em­brac­ing op­por­tu­ni­ties to make your des­tiny match your dreams.

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Aquarius 21 JAN­UARY – 18 FE­BRU­ARY

Work gets a shot of re­newed en­ergy, but your love-life and cre­ative urges may need a time out. By next month you’ll see when to col­lab­o­rate and when to fly solo. Home life could feel fas­ci­nat­ing or in­fu­ri­at­ing, and while keep­ing calm is not your usual MO, aim to make it part of your daily rit­ual.

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Taurus 21 APRIL – 21 MAY

New and deeper in­sights are in store for you when it comes to close part­ner­ships. You’re rewrit­ing your re­la­tion­ship rules af­ter months of ex­pe­ri­enc­ing ei­ther a form of ex­treme free­dom or in­ten­sive to­geth­er­ness. Your at­ti­tude to money, your val­ues and your work are also open for re-eval­u­a­tion.

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Leo 23 JULY – 23 AU­GUST

Dis­card or repur­pose what you no longer need, and that in­cludes worn-out at­ti­tudes or tra­di­tions. Add to this list friends who are all talk and no ac­tion. You now know who you are, so your new quest is to re­alise that home is not just a state of mind, and de­cide where you want to be.

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Scorpio 24 OC­TO­BER – 22 NOVEM­BER

You’re an ex­pert at rein­vent­ing your­self; this month you get to fi­nesse plans for a rad­i­cal new look and re­assess your love-life too, al­though leave fi­nal de­ci­sions un­til next month if you can. Your val­ues don’t have to match ev­ery­one else’s, and over the com­ing months your des­tiny will fall into place.

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