Add value to your home with in­te­grated wa­ter fil­tra­tion.

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If you’re ren­o­vat­ing or think­ing of sell­ing, or per­haps you just want to make some up­grades to your home, there are cer­tain quick fixes which will help to add value to your home. Adding a wa­ter fil­tra­tion sys­tem is one of them. This is be­com­ing one of the ex­tra fea­tures real es­tate agents are mak­ing sure to men­tion in their prop­erty list­ings.

Wa­ter is the source of life. In fact, liv­ing with­out it can have se­ri­ous con­se­quences within a mat­ter of days. Thank­fully, for most of us, hav­ing ac­cess to safe drink­ing wa­ter isn’t some­thing we have to fight for. The wa­ter that comes out of our taps has been treated to make it safe to drink but some of those chem­i­cals can cause an un­pleas­ant taste. Some of the chem­i­cals used can also cause peo­ple to worry about what they’re putting into their bod­ies. So, how can you be sure that the wa­ter you’re drink­ing is clean and pure? You could start buy­ing in bot­tled wa­ter. How­ever, we now know the se­ri­ous cost to the environment that sin­gle- use plas­tic is caus­ing. So, if you’re look­ing for a so­lu­tion that will pu­rify your wa­ter, put less pres­sure on the environment, and also add value to your home, it’s prob­a­bly time to start think­ing about wa­ter fil­ters.

What are wa­ter fil­ters?

A wa­ter fil­ter is some­thing that can fil­ter out all the nas­ties in drink­ing wa­ter. It can be some­thing as sim­ple as a fil­ter in­side of a wa­ter jug or ket­tle. It can be some­thing as im­pres­sive as a set of hot, cold, am­bi­ent, and sparkling wa­ter taps on your sink. Es­sen­tially, when you’re drink­ing wa­ter that’s been through a fil­ter, you can be sure that it’s clean and pure. It will also taste bet­ter, hope­fully en­cour­ag­ing you to drink more.

How do wa­ter fil­ters work?

There are two types of fil­ters, chem­i­cal and phys­i­cal. Phys­i­cal fil­ters sieve out large par­ti­cles and chem­i­cal fil­ters use an ac­tive ma­te­rial to get rid of them. Un­for­tu­nately, each method on their own isn’t 100 per cent ef­fec­tive when re­mov­ing pol­lu­tants. That’s why a lot of fil­ters use a com­bined method ap­proach.

What types of in­te­grated wa­ter fil­tra­tion sys­tems are there?

There are a few op­tions to choose from, rang­ing from wa­ter jugs to whole house sys­tems. If you’re look­ing to add value to your home, it’s best to in­stall some­thing which is per­ma­nent such as fil­tered wa­ter taps, un­der bench wa­ter fil­ter sys­tem, bath and shower fil­ter, or a whole house sys­tem.

Bench­top wa­ter fil­ters:

Small and stylish. Com­pact and pow­er­ful. They’re the most cost ef­fec­tive and eco­nom­i­cal. How­ever, they’ll be in plain sight so if you’re look­ing to keep the wow fac­tor in your kitchen, this prob­a­bly isn’t the best so­lu­tion.

Un­der­sink wa­ter fil­ters:

Hid­den out of plain sight, un­der­sink wa­ter fil­ters won’t ruin the look of your kitchen and put off any po­ten­tial buy­ers. In fact, they could add to the wow fac­tor if used with a stylish, all singing, all danc­ing tap i. e. a hot, cold, am­bi­ent, and sparkling com­bi­na­tion.

Bath and shower fil­ters:

Your body is a tem­ple, your skin the walls. In­stalling a bath and shower fil­ter can re­move more than 90 per cent of the chlo­rine which will do won­ders for both your skin and hair.

Whole house wa­ter fil­ters:

We of­ten just think of fil­tered wa­ter as some­thing you drink but that’s not true. In fact, you can fil­ter all the wa­ter through­out your house. This means that whether you’re drink­ing, wash­ing your clothes, rins­ing your salad leaves, or tak­ing a bath, you can be sure the wa­ter you’re us­ing is pure. It may even help your ap­pli­ances last that lit­tle bit longer as residue is less likely to build up.

Whichever one you choose to in­stall, sim­ply men­tion­ing it in your prop­erty list­ing can help to at­tract buy­ers. Make sure you’re clear about what type of wa­ter fil­ter sys­tem is in­cluded to re­ally peak their in­ter­est.

Adding an al­ka­liser to your wa­ter fil­tra­tion sys­tem

Some med­i­cal pro­fes­sion­als be­lieve that our in­creas­ing ill­ness is­sues are down to en­vi­ron­men­tal fac­tors in­creas­ing the acid­ity in our body. Tap wa­ter has a pH of around 7 but ide­ally the pH should be be­tween 8- 9.5. Adding an al­ka­line wa­ter fil­ter to your sys­tem is a sim­ple so­lu­tion which could help raise the pH lev­els of your wa­ter.

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