Prostate dis­ease in dogs

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DID you know that just like their hu­man coun­ter­parts, male dogs can also get prostate dis­ease?

Prostate dis­ease in dogs usu­ally af­fects older en­tire males, i.e. males which have not been de­sexed.

The prostate is a small gland found near the neck of the blad­der and un­der­neath the colon.

The prostate’s func­tion is to pro­duce some of the flu­ids found in se­men.

When a dog has prostate dis­ease, its prostate is of­ten larger than nor­mal.

This can cause is­sues with the dog’s abil­ity to uri­nate and defe­cate, and in some cases there may even be blood pre­sent in urine.

Di­ag­no­sis of prostate dis­ease usu­ally in­volves a phys­i­cal exam in­clud­ing rec­tal pal­pa­tion of the prostate, ex­am­i­na­tion of the urine, ul­tra­sonog­ra­phy and tak­ing sam­ples from the prostate gland.

Prostate dis­ease in dogs can come in var­i­ous forms, with some forms much more se­ri­ous than oth­ers. Be­nign Prostate Hyper­pla­sia (BPH) a com­mon form of prostate dis­ease. Al­most all se­nior en­tire male dogs may have some de­gree of BPH.

Whilst it is not that well un­der­stood, BPH is thought to be due to in­creased sex hor­mones in the dog. Cas­tra­tion of the dog cures the con­di­tion, and is the prefer­able treat­ment.

If the dog is to be used for breed­ing, then med­i­ca­tion can be used to man­age the con­di­tion.

In­fec­tions of the prostate can also oc­cur, of­ten these dogs pre­sent to the clinic very un­well.

Dogs with pro­static in­fec­tions are of­ten painful in their back end, fever­ish, may vomit or be in­ap­petant.

If this con­di­tion is di­ag­nosed, it is treated with long cour­ses of an­tibi­otics, how­ever in se­vere cases hos­pitli­sa­tion or surgery may be nec­es­sary.

Pro­static cancer can also oc­cur, how­ever treat­ment for this con­di­tion can sometimes be limited and the prog­no­sis poor.

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