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THERE are some peo­ple who sim­ply can’t un­der­stand why oth­ers hang on to books they have al­ready read.

They see them as dust col­lec­tors with no fur­ther pur­pose - a weighty bur­den when­ever you move and relics from the past which have been more ef­fi­ciently re­placed by mod­ern tech­nol­ogy.

But like a song can bring back mem­o­ries, so too a book can be a re­minder of a place, a per­son, a feel­ing or a time, and one that you just might like to hold on to and re­visit one day.

Also, one of the few plus sides of get­ting older and for­get­ting things is some­times you re­mem­ber how much you loved a clas­sic but not ex­actly what hap­pened, mak­ing it like new again.

I feel the same way about Ries­ling – a clas­sic va­ri­ety which will al­ways have its place on the shelf while oth­ers drift in and out of fash­ion.

Chris­mont’s ver­sion il­lus­trates all there is to en­joy about Ries­ling.

It’s tall and el­e­gant, pour­ing with a lightly golden colour and fer­vent, fa­mil­iar bou­quet of warm hon­ey­suckle, tinged with the zest of lime.

The flavour is in­tense and cit­rusy and it has a res­o­lutely dry and crisp fin­ish, mak­ing it suit­able paired with all kinds of spicy and white meat dishes.

The honey qual­i­ties are also ex­pected to de­velop with a lit­tle age, which is just what we want to hear.

It’s a fresh take on a clas­sic but one that still has a happy end­ing.

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