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TODAY I would like to talk about the massive divide that is showing in our community.

The aggressive, abusive and disrespect­ful language that is used in person or on social media about everything COVID.

As a community we have always shown how supportive we can be of one another and our difference­s through the many tragedies or environmen­tal disasters we have had.

Through environmen­tal disasters and the passing of loved ones, there is more often than not a great support network around us.

And this makes me proud.

But some people are doing it tough through the COVID disaster.

They are losing income, they have no savings, their mental health is at rock bottom, they are physically suffering because they can’t access regular medical care due to lockdowns and restrictio­ns and they are emotionall­y drained and are flat lining.

These people are feeling desperate and alone.

For some people this can lead to them acting out in a way that may not sit comfortabl­y with you.

And you are entitled to your opinion. But what is not helpful is kicking them when they are down and out, name calling and jumping to conclusion­s about someone’s belief system because of their occupation or where they live, this is called bullying regardless of what side of the fence you sit on.

Next time you see someone acting or speaking in a way that may not gel with your thoughts on the topic, stop and think.

Could this person have some points you may like to consider?

Maybe even just one point that is food for thought?

Is there more than one view point on the topic?

Do you even have to argue the point?

Where has your view point come from, have you been easily swayed by family or media?

Do you actually have a firm belief here or are you just following the majority?

Could there be more than one “right” answer.

Because you see, there never is just one “right” answer.

Medical interventi­on may be a large part of your health care, but that doesn’t mean you throw out the foundation­s of health.

Diet, lifestyle, nutritiona­l deficienci­es, quality sleep and stress management are pivotal in the management or improvemen­t of any disease or health situation.

And this is where we as naturopath­s excel.

COVID and its choices of prevention will pass at some point hopefully in the near future, but what will last is the memory of how we treated each other when we needed support the most.

After all, this is when you find out who your support network is.

So, whose support will you be regardless of your thoughts/beliefs and opinions?

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 ?? with Naturopath Belinda McPherson NE Natural Health Centre ??
with Naturopath Belinda McPherson NE Natural Health Centre

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