Ovens & Murray Advertiser - North East Regional Extra

This Day in History, 1895


ELDORADO came to a halt on this day, a Sunday, as townspeopl­e paid their last respects to the men killed in the undergroun­d cave-in at the McEvoy mine.

One thousand people turned out to line the route or to be part of the funeral procession to the Eldorado cemetery.

The cortege was preceded by 150 miners from the McEvoy and other mines in the valley, and was followed by the carriages of the bereaved and 150 horsemen.

At the graveside, the rituals of the Wesleyan Church, the Church of England, and the Masonic Order were observed; the Wesleyan Choir sang several hymns as the four miners were buried side by side.

John Edgar Crane’s body had been returned to Newport for burial.

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